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How a Former Teacher Beat the Mining Industry and Saved the Rare Snow Leopards

This 49-year-old has proved herself to be a champion for vulnerable big cat populations in a region dominated by big mining companies.

After His Old High School Teacher Got a Flat Tire on Her Way to Mass, NFL Player Came to Her Rescue

This compassionate NFL linebacker isn't just a professional athlete on the field – he is apparently also a Good Samaritan to people in need.

This Spontaneous Speech By Student on the Spectrum Leaves Classroom Teacher in Tears

Last week, a beautiful thing occurred in the classroom of a 4th grade teacher at Chino Valley School District. It is Autism Awareness Month and every classroom on...

Listen to 3rd Grade Teacher Tell Hilarious Story of How She Led Her Students Down Imaginary Oregon Trail (MOTH Monday)

This enthusiastic third grade teacher has an amusing story about how she led her students into an elaborate “simulation” of the dangers on the Oregon Trail.

‘Turn your mess up into a dress up’: Teacher Goes Viral for Proudly Turning Student Doodles into a Dress

As a means of showcasing the talent of her elementary school art students, this teacher proudly donned a dress of their doodles for a school-wide art show.

World’s Youngest Teachers Are Babies Who Visit Schools to Teach Students About Empathy – and It’s Working

These babies might be small, but they're apparently having a big impact on the schoolchildren they “teach” – especially the troubled students.

Video of Teacher Goes Viral After He’s Admired For Putting Young Student’s Hair in a Ponytail

A 34-year-old teacher is warming hearts across social media after his teaching assistant caught footage of him helping a kindergarten student with her hair. Jonathan...

Teacher Inspires Class By Chopping Off Her Waist-Length Hair to Match Bullied Student’s Haircut

This compassionate teacher went above and beyond the call of duty in order to cheer up a 5-year-old student who was being bullied for her haircut.

When Teacher Sees Boy Cycling Down the Highway, She Turns Around and Helps to Save His Dad’s Life

It's a good thing that Keller Sutherland was in the right place at the right time on the highway last week.

Art Teacher Cheers Up Stressed-Out Students By Hosting ‘Bob Ross Flash Mob’ With Wigs and Paints

As a means of rewarding her students for their hard work, this teacher facilitated a “Flash Bob” for all 48 of her art students.

Thanks to Journalistic Investigation, Thousands of Teachers Will Be Relieved of Their Debt

For years, hardworking American teachers have fallen pray to a convoluted federal program that resulted in thousands of dollars worth of grants being converted...

How a Yoga Teacher is Saving First Responders Across America From Depression – With Downward Dog

Yoga is not just good for exercise – it is saving police officers and firefighters from depression and mental illness.

Child With ‘Nothing to Give’ Sacrifices the ‘Best Part of Her Breakfast’ as Gift for Her Teacher

This youngster's gift for her teacher is the modern equivalent to “The Gift of the Magi” – except this version was more like “The Gift of the Marshmallows”.

When ALS Robs Musician of His Voice, His Vocal Teacher Sings His Music For Him in Emotional Performance

Bernie Dalton was a musician with aspirations of having his songwriting heard – and now, despite his medical condition, he finally has. Several years ago,...

When Teacher Asks Students to Share Supplies, Boy Offers Up Pencils With Sweet, Personal Messages

Adults are always learning from the kindness of kids – and this teacher's Facebook post about one of her students is no exception.

Soccer Star Helps to Launch ‘World’s Largest Inclusive School’ for Disabled Children to Be Students and Teachers

The Brazilian athlete hopes that the ‘school’ will raise awareness about the lack of educational opportunities made available to special needs kids.

Teacher Goes Above and Beyond to Help Teen Mom Years After Having Her in Class

This Chicago teacher did not hesitate to help a former student after she received a message at 3 in the morning last week.

World Record One Million Crayons Donated in Rainbow of Support for 700 Teachers

Over 700 teachers are rejoicing over a very special new world record: the most amount of crayons donated to a charity in under eight...

Anonymous Woman Just Gave $100 to Every Teacher in Her District So They Could Buy School Supplies

The woman said that she wanted to thank the teachers for their hard work and show them that someone had their back for the school year ahead.

When Teacher Posts Plea for More Sick Days, School Staffers From Across the Country Donate Theirs

When a Florida educator was in need of help, his fellow teachers did not hesitate to flood his inbox with offers of support.