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14-Year-old Girl Convinces Tesco to Stop Selling Eggs From Caged Hens

No matter how young you are, you can still make eggsellent achievements like 14-year-old Lucy Gavaghan. Since the young teen took to Change with a petition...

Tesco to Give All Unsold Food to Charity in its 800 UK Supermarkets

Tesco in the U.K. announced the nationwide rollout of a program that dramatically reduces the amount of food that goes to waste by giving...

Tesco Grocers to Offer Unsold Fresh Food to British Charities

The giant British supermarket Tesco is launching a pilot program to give away the fresh food it can’t sell to those in need. Tesco officials...

Tesco Launches Carbon-Labeling on Products

Tesco, the world's third-largest food store launched a carbon labeling system that makes it easy for shoppers to compare the carbon footprint created by...
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Tesco to Build World’s Largest Solar Roof and Spend Nearly a Billion on Carbon Cuts

Tesco, the world's fourth-largest retail chain, announced the installation of possibly the world's largest solar roof, a $13 million, 820,400-square-foot panel, to cover the...

UK Supermarket Chain Provides Free Car Charging Network to EV Owners While They Shop

As a means of encouraging UK residents to buy EVs, Tesco has installed thousands of charging points for their shoppers to top off their batteries for free.

Plastic Bag Sales Have Fallen by 90% in England Since They Introduced 5-Pence Charge in 2015

Sales of plastic bags at the seven biggest retail chains in England have fallen by 90% since the nation's 5-pence charge was introduced in...

Buzo es Deslumbrado por una Medusa Gigante en las Costas Británicas- MIRA

Un buzo Británico, quien quería demostrar que no necesitaba ir al otro lado del mundo para ver increíbles criaturas marinas, experimentó un deslumbrante encuentro...

Man Praises Taco Bell Hot Sauce for ‘Saving’ His Life After Being Trapped in His Car for 5 Days

An Oregon man is crediting his leftover Taco Bell hot sauce packets as the thing that kept him going during his five days spent in the snowy wilderness.

For the First Time Ever, Developing Countries Added More Clean Power Capacity Than Fossil Fuel

Additionally, developing nations are building more clean energy capacity than wealthier nations.
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World’s First Pay-What-You-Can Grocery Store! It Saves Food Otherwise Destined for Trash

The initiative was started by a chef who was tired of seeing perfectly good food end up in landfills.

42 of the Biggest Food Companies Make Historic Pledge to Cut Plastic Waste

The companies that are responsible for 80% of the plastic on these supermarket shelves have taken a dramatic pledge to cut wasteful packaging over the course of the next seven years.

Bus Driver Pays For Cab to Help Lost Girl Get to School on Time

While bus drivers are required to stick to their schedules, this compassionate driver did not mind stopping along his route to check up on...

Man Creates Gardens For Unwanted Bees, Grows Free Food in 30 Abandoned Lots

Even though the Ninth Ward of New Orleans has never fully recovered from the destruction of Hurricane Katrina, this man has created a lush oasis of...

Supermarket Gives Surplus Sugar to Hungry Honeybees

UK supermarket Tesco has already impressed shoppers by giving all their unsold produce to charity, investing in solar, and accommodating disabled shoppers – and now they're adding...

Supermarket Introduces “Relaxed Lane” for Special Needs Customers

One of the Tesco supermarket branches in Scotland has just launched a “relaxed lane” for vulnerable customers who would prefer to take their time...

New USDA Guidelines Will Prevent Thousands of Pounds of Food Waste

The USDA is planning on nixing “use by” and “sell by” dates so consumers stop throwing away perfectly edible food out of confusion.

Nestlé Discovered How to Slash Sugar Content in Chocolate by 40% Without Changing Taste

Starting in 2018, this candy company will have just as many tasty treats – but with only a fraction of the usual amount of sugar.

Patagonia to Donate 100% of its Black Friday Sales to Environmental Groups

The clothing and travel gear retailer has always had a soft spot for the Earth – so for Black Friday, they're going to give back everything they make.

Scotland Considers Legally Enshrining ‘Right to Food’

If the Scottish government decided to enforce the legal right to access food, it could help feed thousands of hungry citizens.