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Viral Video of Street-Vending Boy Speaking Multiple Languages Lands Him and His Siblings Free Tuition

This linguistic whiz kid is now reaping the rewards of his stunning ability to speak in at least 12 different languages.

Watch Joy on Restaurant Workers’ Faces When Guy Tips Them Thousands of Dollars for Bringing Two Glasses of Water

This YouTube star uses his position of internet fame to give thousands of dollars to unsuspecting strangers – and his newest installment is just...

Let’s Pay Tribute to the Humble Shoe Shiner Who Used All $200,000 of His Tips to Help Uninsured Children

For almost three decades, Albert Lexie donated all of the tips that he made from shining shoes to help sick children get the care they needed.

Five Tips On How You Can Help the Homeless This Winter

There are plenty of challenges and obstacles that homeless people must overcome to survive – and it becomes even harder during the upcoming winter months.

Back to School Tips for Gals on the Go: How to Take Care of Yourself and Stay Productive

These tips and tricks are handy for any young lady who is headed to college this month.

Single Mom Working 3 Jobs Uses Surprise $1,000 Tip to Serve Kids Everywhere With New Skate Park

Instead of using the money to serve her own kids, this single mother used a massive tip to serve hundreds of children for years to come.

Waitress Stunned by $2,000 Mother’s Day Tip From Truck Driver, ‘I thought I’d just help her out a bit’

“Money is just paper or numbers on a screen,” said the truck driver. “Self-gratification only goes so far. So, when you're helping another person, you're adding something to the world.”

Why You Shouldn’t Accept the First Job: 3 Tips on Spotting Toxic Workplaces for New Grads

While it might seem counterintuitive, you may want to take some advice from Van Halen and check the bathroom stalls of your future workplace.

Uber Driver Wins Biggest Tip Ever – and it Only Cost the Passenger Five Bucks

The Colorado Uber driver plans on using his fortune to take care of his parents and fix up his car.

Single Mom Pizza Delivery Driver Moved to Tears After Church Surprises Her With Massive Tip

Monique Hall is a single mother-of-two who thought she was called for an ordinary pizza delivery. Then, the congregants of a church overwhelmed her with a surprise.

3 Invigorating Tips for Kicking Boredom if You’re in Recovery

“An idle mind is the devil's playground,” the saying goes. And if you're one of the roughly 10% of people in this country who...

3 Nutrition Tips for Night Owls

If you're one of those people who has trouble falling asleep until 3AM, then these nutrition tips might be pretty valuable for your health.

6 Tips On How to Tailgate in Frigid Cold Weather For the Big Game

On Sunday, Feb. 4, millions of viewers will be tuning in to watch the Eagles and the Patriots face off in the U.S. Bank...

15 Quick Tips for Introverts Who Need to Network

From introducing yourself near the buffet table, to seeking out connections before an event – these tips are scientifically proven to help introverts maneuver the difficulties of networking.

Giving Blood: 5 Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Needles

The number one reason why people refuse to donate blood and platelets is because of their fear of needles – but the Red Cross...

18 Science-backed Tips For Unblocking Your Creativity

Are you having trouble getting those creative juices flowing? Well, science has 18 easy tricks for inspiring your artistic side.

Mindful Holiday Management: Tips for Enjoying the Season

When I was growing up, my recollection is that Christmas decorations didn’t go up until Thanksgiving. That may or may not be true, but...

Meditation and Mindfulness Tips to Combat Everyday Worries and Life’s Big Questions

Life can be overwhelming for everyone – but that doesn't mean that you have to succumb to the stress and waste your time being anxious.

How to Raise Your Kids to Have Self-Esteem – 8 Tips and Tricks

It is vitally important that parents instill a positive sense of self in their children. If the youngsters develop appropriate self-esteem, they will have...

Shaq Tipped Waitress $4,000 Because That’s What She Requested

Shaquille O'Neil isn't just an iconic basketball player – he is also an extraordinarily generous tipper. The 45-year-old retired player appeared on Jimmy Kimmel last week...