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Toronto Garbage Trucks Will Soon Be Powered by Biogas From the Very Food Scraps That They Collect

Toronto is one of the first North American cities to harness the biogas from their food waste and turn it into something useful.

Here’s How Thousands of Birds Are Being Saved From Flying into Toronto Buildings

The Canadian city has become one of the most impressive examples of how we can prevent rare avian species from flying into glass structures.

Toronto Man Finds Woman With Ex-Girlfriend’s Name for Free Trip Around World

A Toronto man looking for a travel partner with the same name as his ex-girlfriend has finally found his match. "After making headlines a month...

Toronto Hospital Celebrates 30th Anniversary of the First Successful Lung Transplant

In 1983, Tom Hall was the 45th patient in the world to receive a lung transplant, but the first ever to survive more than...
stuffed dog found after cop retweeted photo-sm

Toronto Cop Reunites Little Boy With Teddy Bear Using Twitter

A Toronto police officer must remember what it's like being five-years-old because he took the time to tweet a photo of a stuffed toy...
Adam Finley photo, lemonade- CC via

Toronto Restaurant Gives Boy a Chance to Sell His Lemonade

A Whitby restaurant has offered to help a nine-year-old autistic Oshawa boy whose lemonade stand was nearly shutdown by a sour neighbour who called...
John Malkovich by Petr Novak, Wikipedia

John Malkovich Helps Save Man’s Life on Toronto Street

An elderly American couple visiting Toronto have turned into actor John Malkovich's biggest fans. The Ohio senior was saved from severe bleeding when the...
Junior Squash champion, Maria Toorpakai

Squash Prodigy Flees Taliban, Finds Refuge in Toronto

At 20, Maria Toorpakai is the best female squash player in Pakistan. But she can't play there. Her family began receiving death threats from the...
Edge-walking atop CN tower in Toronto

Toronto Thrill Seekers Can Walk on Building’s Edge 116 Stories Up

EdgeWalk at the CN Tower, has become Toronto’s most extreme attraction. Thrill lovers will walk on the edge of one of the world’s tallest...

Toronto Zoo to be Powered by Poo

The Toronto Zoo wants to build a $13 million facility that would turn "zoo poo" into electricity. The staff believes that animal dung...

Plan Transforms Toronto Brickyard into Green Spaces

The site design for Toronto's Brick Works, a unique project that involves restoring nature in the city while incorporating heritage buildings and an art...

JetBlue Going Carbon-Neutral in 2020 On All Domestic Flights —The First Major US Airline to Do So

The newly-announced initiative is expected to save roughly 15 to 17 billion pounds of CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere every year.

Denmark Researchers Use Seaweed to Power a Car

Each year, 25 million tons of seaweed is harvested, most of which is in Asia and used for human consumption and cosmetics. But what...

Longterm Recovery Rates for Anxiety Surprise Researchers

Despite enduring generalized anxiety for more than a decade, 72% of Canadians who suffered from it in the past are now living free of the disorder.

Shutdown of US Coal-Fired Plants Linked to 26,000 Deaths Averted—And Higher Crop Yields on Farms

A decade after shutting down an old coal power plant, researchers say that its closure saved more than 26,000 lives—and millions of crops.

Give Yourself a ‘Dry January’—You’ll Sleep Better, Save Money, and Lose Weight

These two studies show that there may be a dozen different benefits to quitting drinking for a month—and they have a dramatic impact on your health.

Feeling Like a New Year’s Resolution? Study Suggests Living ‘Fast,’ Living Longer—With Intermittent Fasting

Not all diets have scientific evidence to back up their claims, but this new study is adding to a growing body of research supporting intermittent fasting.

First Drone Project of Its Kind in Canada is Aiming to Plant 1 Billion Trees by 2028

By planting trees at a rate of 20,000 saplings per drone per day, the group hopes to plant 1 billion trees over the course of the next 8 years.

Rather Than Polluting Icy Roadsides With Salt, Scientists Use Recycled Biowaste From Fruit

The U.S. spends $5 billion a year to repair damages to road infrastructure from winter snow and ice control operations and the use of...

Indonesia Looks to its Past to Solve Modern Energy Troubles

One of the nation's most prominent sources of greenery will now be able to power the homes of thousands of rural villagers.