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Animal Activists and Staff From Slaughterhouse Eat Vegan Christmas Meal Together: ‘Good things are happening’

The vegan group posted photos of the feast, saying that they simply wanted to focus on positivity and kindness, rather than negativity.

Uh, oh…Rancher’s Wife Turns Vegan, Begins Loving Hostile Takeover (WATCH)

For the last six years, Renee King-Sonnen worked with her husband Tommy on a 96-acre beef ranch without much thought to any ethical alternatives to...

Moby Opens Vegan Restaurant, Donates All Profits to Purrr-fect Cause

You might know Moby from his cool electronica music, or his DJ and recording work that has earned about $30 million, but did you know about his new vegan restaurant in...

New Organic Drive-Thru Offers Vegan Fries With Your Non-GMO Burger

People can’t get enough of a new fast food joint in central California that is super-sizing healthy alternatives to greasy fare. Amy’s Drive Thru offers...

National S’mores Day: Animal Activists Now Have Vegan Marshmallows

Vegans now have a gelatin-free marshmallow to celebrate with on National S'mores Day. Besides being vegan, Dandies are the first non-GMO verified marshmallows on the...

NYC Mom Brings Vegan ‘Chili on Wheels’ to Homeless

A vegan family, Michelle Carrera, and her 4-year-old son Ollie, realized the city's soup kitchen meals all contained meat, so the two started bringing...

Viral Internet Challenge is Spurring People Around the World to Pick Up Tons of Trash and Then Snap Photos

As far as internet trends go, picking up trash is certainly a much more noble cause than eating laundry detergent or ghost peppers.

These New Biodegradable Mardi Gras Beads Could Save Thousands of Tons of Trash From Landfills

Mardi Gras may be fun, but it generates thousands of tons of trash every year. Thankfully, these biodegradable beads might make the party a little greener.

Good News in History, February 15

30 years ago today, the Soviet Union announced that the last of its troops had left Afghanistan nine years after their invasion. (1989) (Afghanistan photo...

La Compañía de Envíos Más Grande del Mundo Está Deshaciéndose de los Combustibles Fósiles y Reta a sus Competidores a Que Hagan Lo Mismo

La compañía de envíos marítimos más grande del mundo anunció recientemente que se deshará de los combustibles fósiles en una apuesta para la neutralidad...

Muslims and Jews Come Together So They Can Serve 1,000 Bowls of Soup to the Homeless

The organizers even used halal chicken in a Jewish recipe to merge elements from both religions, too.

Aquí Podrás Encontrar los Mejores Alimentos para Conseguir Dormir Bien

Es muy difícil imaginar un sentimiento más frustrante que estar acostado en tu cama intentando quedarte dormido sin que venga Juan Pestañas a ayudarte,...

Here Are the Best Foods You Can Eat to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

If you're having trouble getting some good shut-eye, don't go for the junk food – these foods are far better for your sleep than those high-carb snacks.

Good News in History, October 4

135 years ago today, the Orient Express travel line commenced from Paris to Constantinople (Istanbul). The long-distance passenger train service created by Compagnie Internationale...

When Wedding Caterer Backs Out at Last Second, Restaurant Saves the Day in Just 90 Minutes

The restaurant even closed down for the day so they could prepare for the 150-person wedding feast.

Did You Know Cows Have Close Friendships and Hold Grudges? (And Other Fun Facts)

Here some fun facts about bovines and a few tips on how you can appreciate heifers on this most udderly delightful holiday.

Good News in History, June 18

On this day 70 years ago, the dream of a Columbia Records president to hear an entire symphonic movement on one side of an...

Moby is Selling His Records to All His Fans So He Can Donate Proceeds to Charity

Starting tomorrow morning, you can have the chance to buy out some of the DJ's most precious vinyl treasures – from his own musical career and others.

Gucci to Go Fur-Free and Auction the Remaining Products to Benefit Animal Rights

Italian fashion company Gucci has just announced this week that they will no longer be using animal fur in their products, effective starting with...

Kid Therapist Raises Money by Offering Advice to Stressed New Yorkers

Ciro Ortiz is wise beyond his years – and he offers that wisdom to stressed out New Yorkers for $2 per five minute session.