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Dedicated Veterinarian Donned Mouse Onesie to Soothe Anxious Dog

When you give a veterinarian a mouse suit, you know that any surgery on an anxious pup will turn out well. Though you can imagine...

Army of Veterinarians Treating Dogs and Cats for Free Until December

The team has already saved Texan families the financial burden of veterinary care by treating over 1,500 animals since October.

Watch Veterinarian Soothe Anxious Dogs by Singing to Them

Ross Henderson doesn't just care for his patients' physical health – he cares for their feelings too. Ross is a veterinarian at the Fox Hollow...

Penguins Caught in Oil Spill Saved by “Commando” Veterinarians

Hundreds of Magellanic penguins that washed ashore in Argentina after an oil spill have been saved by a group of "Commando" veterinarians. They are...

Tiny Fish Weighing 0.03 Ounces is in Good Health After Reportedly Becoming Smallest Surgical Patient in UK

This tiny pet fish weighing just 1 gram (0.03 ounces) is recovering nicely after undergoing surgery for a tumor that was found on its belly.

50-Year-old New Yorker Being Hailed as ‘Highway Hero’ After Clearing Floodwaters From Freeway in Her Crocs

Daphne Youree was not about to wait for city officials to take care of the flooded expressway—so she decided to take matters into her own hands.

In Celebration of Being Rescued 5 Years Ago, This Elephant Was Surprised With a Special Cake (WATCH)

It has been 5 years since this pachyderm was rescued from his former life as a street performer—and it seems he has been living like a king ever since.

Midas Provides a Golden Touch When Kitty is Stuck Inside a Car’s Frame

A 9-week-old kitten found her way into the subframe of a 2000 Honda Accord in Lexington, Kentucky, and was stuck until it was saved by the Midas touch.

Watch Family’s Tearful Reunion With Their Bird ‘Cheesy’ Four Days After It Got Lost

Cheesy the cockatiel had lost a third of its body weight by the time he found a family that could reunite him with his owners 11 miles away.

Six Years After Fateful Encounter at Local Landfill, Man Has Rescued Hundreds of Abandoned Dogs

This man had no idea that a spontaneous visit to his local garbage dump would forever change his life – and the lives of hundreds of stray dogs.

When Man Was Trying to Sell His Car to Save His Dog, Community Came to His Rescue

This desperate local R&B singer was ready to sell his car in order to help his sick dog, so the community rallied to help. Last...

Oil Rig Workers Come to the Rescue of Exhausted Dog Found Swimming 135 Miles From Shore

This exhausted pup was miraculously saved after oil rig workers spotted her paddling in the ocean 135 miles from the shore.

India Gets Its First Ever Hospital for Abused Elephants – and They’ve Already Treated Dozens

Since opening their doors four months ago, this elephant hospital has rescued and treated 26 pachyderms from abusive conditions.

Good Samaritans Save Drowning Animal From Frozen River Only to Discover It Was a Wild Wolf

Though these construction workers had suspicions of this animal's true nature, they did not hesitate to come to its rescue when it was in distress.

When Microchips Fail, Facial Recognition App is Reuniting Pets With Their Owners

The app connects hundreds of pet owners, veterinarians, and shelters together with a database of animal photos.

When Dog is Found 2,000 Miles Away From Home, 20 Different Strangers Bring Him Back

No one knows how Jake the dog got so far away from home – but this group of strangers was determined to help him get back.

Volunteers Never Gave Up on Severely Injured Squirrel—Now in a Loving Home With Hot New Wheels

This little squirrel may not have had a chance at life if it weren't for these determined volunteers – now, she has a loving home and more mobility than ever.

Nova Scotia Becomes 1st Province to Ban Cat Declawing

The practice has already been banned in over 20 countries – and now, Nova Scotia has become the first Canadian province to take a stance.

Watch What Happens When Woman Rushes into Police Station With Lifeless Puppy

This woman ran into the police department on Sunday saying that her puppy had stopped breathing. Luckily, the officers behind the counter knew exactly what to do.

‘Sad’ Dog Looking For Kids to Read to Him is Now All Booked Up

Sting the dog loves helping children with their reading skills. So when no one showed up to his library session earlier this month, his...