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Why Volunteers Are Rewarded With Longer Life, According to the Science of Kindness

Volunteers aren't just dedicating their time towards helping other people – their charitable actions have also been linked to longer life.

Ambulance Volunteers Have Granted Thousands of Senior Patients’ Dying Wishes for Free

There are over 270 volunteer medical workers who facilitate the final wishes of hundreds of senior patients around the world every year.

Government Shutdown Doesn’t Deter Military Volunteers From Beloved Tradition of Tracking Santa

More than 1,500 enthusiastic volunteers have stepped up to continue the tradition of monitoring Santa Claus's journey around the world.

Dozens of People Volunteer to Entertain Lonely Shelter Pets for the Holidays–Maybe You Can Do It Next Year

When a shelter asked local Virginians to give their shelter animals a temporary home for the holidays, 92 different hosts stepped up to the plate.

As Thank You For Being Ray of Sunshine, Hurricane Volunteer Builds Stunning Cardboard Fort for 2-Year-old

This bubble-blowing youngster has been a huge morale boost for the folks in a local hurricane shelter – so volunteers decided to say thank you.

Beloved Octopus ‘Whisperer’ Honored for Devoting 8,000 Volunteer Hours to the Creatures

This 84-year-old engineer has spent his retirement changing the way that an aquarium cares for its eight-armed residents.

Photos of 75-Year-Old Volunteer Napping With Cats Hauls in Funds to Run Sanctuary for a Year

These sweet pictures of an older volunteer napping with cats have garnered enough donations to run the animal sanctuary for an entire year.

Starbucks to Pay Employees to Spend Half of Work Hours Volunteering for Charities

The company hopes that if employees can spend their work hours helping their communities, they'll be happier with their jobs and their lives.

Jay-Z and Beyonce Are Offering Their Fans Free Tickets as a Reward for Volunteering

If you're sad about missing out on the dream couple's OTR II tour, then now is your chance.

Looking for Unpaid Interns or Volunteers to Assist on Upcoming Good News Project

Do you have skills that revolve around the internet, researching, writing, social media or working on Wordpress websites? GNN is looking for interns or volunteers...

More Than 70 Volunteers Fix Up Childhood Home So Homeless Veteran Can Move Back in

“This just blows me away that there are people that are really truly that kind. It absolutely restores my view of humanity,” says the 60-year-old veteran.

Volunteers Never Gave Up on Severely Injured Squirrel—Now in a Loving Home With Hot New Wheels

This little squirrel may not have had a chance at life if it weren't for these determined volunteers – now, she has a loving home and more mobility than ever.

Vulnerable Turtles Return Home to Shore After World’s Largest Volunteer-Led Beach Cleanup

It has been two years since one man took it upon himself to clean a polluted beach – and now, thanks to his efforts, a vulnerable turtle species has returned to the shoreline.

When School Places Ad For Male Mentors, They’re Overwhelmed by ‘Volunteer Dad’ Responses

This Texas middle school was overwhelmed by the amount of father figures who showed up for their “Breakfast With Dads” event last month.

Volunteers Give Away 1,500 Christmas Trees, Set Up Dozens More For Homeless

PJ Simiens and his friends wanted to make sure that families and homeless individuals who were affected by Hurricane Harvey can still have some Yuletide cheer in their lives.

Volunteers Transform Empty Las Vegas Lot into Healing Garden in Just Four Days

The healing garden has become a sanctuary for city citizens in Las Vegas – and all of the materials, labor, and funding came from volunteers.

100-Year-old Still Volunteers For Charity More Than Anyone Else

Harold Hager is being recognized as an unparalleled charitable worker – and he's older than any of his counterparts. The 100-year-old has been putting in...

On the Eve of World Environment Day, Volunteers Remove 160 Tons of Filth From Beach

On the eve of this most joyous of World Environment Days, hundreds of Indian volunteers have assisted in cleansing a beach of its 160...

Shark Attack Survivor Now Volunteers at the Place Her Life Was Saved

This 54-year-old woman used the horrifying events of her past as a catalyst for helping people in the future. Maria Korcsmaros was training for a triathlon last year when...

Bride of Canceled Wedding Donates Reception to Volunteers Instead

There may not have been a bride at this wedding, but there certainly was a lot of love. Jenna Yorkovich came to the unfortunate conclusion...