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Couple Leaves a $2020 Tip That Shocks This Single Mom Waitress During a ‘2020 Tip Challenge’

She was homeless just one year ago. But, after packing up and leaving Detroit so she could start a new life in northern Michigan,...

After Learning Denny’s Waitress Walked 14 Miles For Work Every Day, Couple Buys Her New Car Hours Later

Adrianna Edwards used to spent almost five hours hiking to and from work every day—but not anymore, thanks to some compassionate Denny's patrons.

Anonymous Police Officer Leaves Pregnant Waitress ‘Hysterical’ With Joy When He Leaves $100 Tip

A compassionate police officer is being praised for anonymously leaving a hefty tip for a waitress who is almost eight months pregnant.

A Happiness Lesson From Waitressing: It’s Not About You

While it might seem that the rewards we receive in life are direct results of our behavior, we sometimes have to accept that we can't evoke change in other people.

When Mom Became Too Overwhelmed by Fussy Toddler at Dinner, Waitress Comes to the Rescue

Most parents are familiar with the feeling of being in public with an angsty toddler – but luckily for this mom, there was a sweet server on hand to help.

Mother of Waffle House Survivor is Working to Repay Waitress Who Saved Her Son

A waitress's simple actions may have saved a man's life – so the man's mother because determined to bless her in return.

Waitress Stunned by $2,000 Mother’s Day Tip From Truck Driver, ‘I thought I’d just help her out a bit’

“Money is just paper or numbers on a screen,” said the truck driver. “Self-gratification only goes so far. So, when you're helping another person, you're adding something to the world.”

Humble Waitress Who Sliced Ham for Senior Rewarded Big Time After Texans Swoon Over Photo (Good News Guru Radio)

She didn't think much of cutting the ham of a senior customer at Waffle House – but thanks to a nearby stranger, her good deed earned her an amazing reward. Hear the Good News Guru radio story...

Humble Waitress Who Sliced Ham for Senior is Rewarded For Her Kindness With Holiday, Scholarship

Evoni Williams didn't think much of when she cut up the ham of a senior customer at Waffle House – but thanks to a nearby stranger, her good deed earned the recognition it deserved.

Shaq Tipped Waitress $4,000 Because That’s What She Requested

Shaquille O'Neil isn't just an iconic basketball player – he is also an extraordinarily generous tipper. The 45-year-old retired player appeared on Jimmy Kimmel last week...

Pregnant Waitress in Dire Straits Sees Christmas Miracle With $900 Tip (WATCH)

Since Sarah Clark's fiancé isn't able to work due to a knee injury, and their baby is due next month, the couple was worried about making ends meet.

Waitress Was Given $3K Tip If She Followed 3 Requests

This about-to-be evicted waitress was overjoyed when she was given a $3,000 tip – but because of a note written on the back, it didn't JUST affect her.

87-Year-old Rescued After 4 Days in Bathtub Thanks to Concerned Waitress

Sonia Congrave has served tea and cake to Doreen Mann for 10 years – so when she noticed her absence from the café, she became worried about her old friend.

Wife of Maine’s Governor Takes Waitress Job

Maine’s first lady waited on tables for several weeks before people realized who she was. Ann LePage kept a low profile, taking on double shifts...

Kind Patrons Leave Waitress Huge Mother’s Day Tip After Learning Her Baby Was Sleeping at Home

This young mother was given the Mother's Day surprise of a lifetime by some celebrating patrons she served on the Cinco De Mayo holiday. Amid the...

Struggling With Grief, Waitress Gets Great Tip and An Even Better Note

It was a quiet night at the Cheddar’s Restaurant in Baytown, Texas that brought these two women together for a heaping serving of healing.

Firefighters Pay it Forward Big Time After Waitress With Heart of Gold Picks Up Tab

A waitress who did a good deed for a pair of firefighters was overwhelmed when they returned the favor—for her father. Instead of a bill...

Waitress’ Simple Act of Kindness Touches Grieving Parents

When small talk accidentally brought up a family tragedy, a waitress touched the hearts of her customers who later spread the news about her...

Hooters Waitress Gives Kidney to Customer She Barely Knew

Have you heard the one about the guy who walks into a bar — and comes out with a new kidney? It happened almost that...

Wealthy Art Mogul Leaves $50,000 Tip For Favorite NYC Waitresses

  A pair of waitresses at a New York City steak house have proof that good service pays off. Billed as the world’s wealthiest Asian-art collector,...