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Need a Smile? Here’s a Video of a Man Walking Briskly Through NYC With His Dog on a Skateboard

You've heard of New Yorkers taking their pets for walks in baby strollers? This gnarly pup is touring the town balanced upon his own...

Man Carries Blind Dog for 800 Miles So She Can Build Confidence Walking the Rest of the Epic Hike on Her Own

This intrepid pup has finally gotten her confidence back after her devoted owner took her on an epic 1,100-mile hike through Florida.

After Resolving to Make a Change, High School Student Lost 115 Pounds By Walking to School Every Day

The high school senior now hopes that his story of transformation will inspire others to take similar action in their own lives.

When Two Dogs Became Trapped in Ice, the Perfect Russian Rescuer Happened to Be Walking By (WATCH)

When two Labradors fell through the surface of an icy reservoir earlier this week, they were lucky that a Russian free diver was walking by.

86-Year-old Has Lost 120 Pounds Simply By Walking Around Her One-Bedroom Apartment

An 86-year-old woman has proved that you don't need to buy an expensive gym membership—or even leave your house— in order to get healthy. Jessica...

‘Walking Dead’ Star Gives Happy Ending to Emu and Donkey That Refused to Be Separated

Jack the donkey and Diane the emu have been given a loving forever home after famous TV star, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, heard about their special relationship and couldn't bear to see them separated.

87-Year-old Walking to Buy Mega Millions Ticket Breaks His Hip, Then Wins Hospital Lottery Pool

Earl Livingston is the perfect example of how you never know when – or how – you might catch a lucky break with the lottery.

98-Year-old Walking 6 Miles to His Wife’s Bedside Every Day Inspires Strangers to Donate Thousands

This 98-year-old man is not about to let age or exhaustion keep him from being with his wife. Luther Younger has been married to Waverlee...

The Sight of Legless Girl Walking With Tin Cans Spurs Good Samaritan Doctor to Make Sure She Walks Tall

This 8-year-old Syrian refugee has been given a whole new lease on life after a Turkish doctor saw photos of her using tin cans for prosthetic legs.

Oh, The Strangers You’ll Meet Walking Across America for Charity

My friend Abby and I spent the last 6 1/2 months walking across the United States to raise money for a homeless shelter where...

Boots Were Made For Walking – and Helping This Baby Flamingo Grow Healthy and Strong

This baby flamingo named Squish is testing out his new blue booties – and it might be the cutest thing that you will see all week.

Dad Completes the Circle By Walking His Daughter to Last Day of High School

If this photo proves anything, it's that this teenager and her dad are just as close as they were 13 years ago. The photos depict...

Man Walking 10 Hours For Work Every Day Given Sweet Surprise From Coworkers

Even though Kevan Finley had to walk 18 miles to and from his job everyday, he never complained – so the staff wanted to surprise him for his hard work.

Disabled Man Turns His Love of Walking into a Source of Income

There weren’t a lot of jobs suited to Russell Carey, so the young man with autism, who also suffers from seizures, was given the chance...

Take Your Treadmill Outdoors With This Walking Electric Bike (WATCH)

When a Dutch inventor got bored with walking on his treadmill, he decided to take it on the road — and turned it into...

Newly Found in Himalayas: Walking Fish and Sneezing Monkeys

A “walking” snakehead fish that can travel on land and breathe air for up to four days is one of the more unusual new...

Kids Who Text on the Go Now Have Designated Walking Lane at University

In an effort to accommodate those who just can’t tear themselves away from their smartphones as they walk around campus, Utah Valley University has...

Veterans Ensure Safe Passage for Chicago Kids Walking To School

U. S. Veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan wars are keeping youngsters safe on their walk to and from school in Chicago. The successful program...

Instead of Sad Ads for Animal Rescue, Happy Dogs Walking Humans See 100% Adoption

Most pet adoption campaigns make us feel pity for the animals but in this one, it was the sad humans working all day in...

Giving Your Ideas Some Legs: Study Finds Walking Improves Creativity

Steve Jobs, the late co-founder of Apple, was known for his walking meetings. Facebook's Mark Zuckerberg has also been seen holding meetings on foot....