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Police Officers Return to Elderly Couple’s Home So They Could Fix Wheelchair Ramp in Dire Need of Repair

A team of compassionate police officers went above and beyond the call of duty last week when they met an elderly couple who could...

After Being Told He Would Never Recover From Injury, Man is Now Traveling 2,300 Miles in a Wheelchair

Despite doctors giving him a grim prognosis following his accident, this guy is now traveling across the United States to continue proving them wrong.

When Family Can’t Afford Motorized Wheelchair for 2-Year-Old, High School Students Modify Toy Car Instead

A team of tenacious robotics students have changed the life of a little boy with mobility issues after his parents found they could not afford a wheelchair.

After Saving Money for Two Years, Teen Finally Gets to Surprise His Friend With New Electric Wheelchair

This teenager has been squirreling away all of his paychecks from the last two years so he could buy his friend a new motorized wheelchair.

Dad Builds Wheelchair-Accessible Snow Fort So All of His Children Can Play Together

This dad knows that every child deserves to be able to enjoy a winter fort – no matter what their special needs may be.

When 9-Year-old Sees a Kitten Who Can’t Walk, He Builds a Tiny Wheelchair to Change Its Life

This clever 9-year-old Brazilian boy has become a hero to his neighbor's disabled kitten.

Video of Deputy Pushing Stranded Senior One Mile in Wheelchair is Just What We Needed to See

When Officer Montanez found a woman stranded in a broken-down wheelchair, he was not afraid to simply step out of the car and start pushing.

Every Night for the Last 10 Years, Community Has Made Sure That Woman in Wheelchair Gets to Bed

For over a decade, dozens of able-bodied men have volunteered to help care for their neighbor with multiple sclerosis.

When Man in Wheelchair Can’t Get into Shop, Barber Happily Cuts His Hair on the Sidewalk

Rather than turn away an inquiring customer just because of their building, this barber was more than happy to conduct their business in front of the shop.

Walmart Cashier Steps In When Nail Salon Refuses Woman in Wheelchair

Ebony Harris was not about to let this customer with cerebral palsy leave the store without a gorgeous new manicure.

Watch Dog Push His Disabled Owner’s Wheelchair Down the Street

Dingong the dog is a perfect example of why canines are man's best friend. The 7-month-old pup was spotted on the streets of Davao in...

Young Man Praised for Pushing Woman Home in a 360-Pound Wheelchair After Battery Dies

This young boxer was not about to leave this woman on the side of her road in a broken down wheelchair – instead, he offered to push her all the way home.

Devoted Husband Designs ‘Tank Wheelchair’ For Wife So She Won’t Miss Out On Family Activities

Brad Soden doesn't even have any engineering experience, training, or degree – he was simply determined to make sure that his wife could be included on family excursions.

Watch 94-Year-old Get Out of Wheelchair to Make One Last Snow Angel

She bragged all day long that she got to go outside and make a snow angel, after a caring staff hauled her wheelchair out into the cold.

Parents Turn 8-Year-Old Son’s Wheelchair Into Amazing ‘Wheel of Fortune’ Costume

With Halloween just around the corner, Anthony Alfano's parents decided to give their son a sweet new set of wheels for his costume –...

Watch 13-Year-old Girl Land Record-Breaking Backflip in Her Wheelchair

13-year-old Lily Rice is making headlines worldwide after she landed a heartstopping backflip in her wheelchair. This is thought to make her the first European woman...

Neighbor Sees Police Officer Battling to Push Senior’s Broken Electric Wheelchair Uphill

This hardworking police officer is being hailed for protecting, serving, and pushing his community when the need arises – even under a devastatingly hot...

Dance Company Includes People in Wheelchairs and Busts a Beautiful Move

These choreographers are on a mission to prove that anyone can dance – no matter their abilities. The nonprofit called Infinite Flow hosts classes, dances,...

Veterans Build a Bridge For Family Who Carries Wheelchair-Bound Mom Through the Woods

These two veterans weren't about to let a local widow struggle through the woods with her wheelchair-bound mother every day – so they took...

8-Year-old Helps Buy New Wheelchair For His Best Buddy When Insurance Fails

If there was any doubt that Kamden Houshan and Paul Burnett would be friends forever, there certainly is not anymore. The soon-to-be 3rd graders do...