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Compound Found in Red Wine Opens Door for New Treatments for Depression and Anxiety

An intriguing new study from the University at Buffalo shows that the red grapes in wine may be protecting your brain from the effects of stress.

Happy National Wine Day! Survey Explains What Drinking Red vs. White Says About Your Personality

If you prefer a specific kind of wine over another, it might say something interesting about your personality.

Restaurant Offers Sweet Note of Forgiveness to Manager Who Accidentally Served $6,000 Bottle of Wine

Rather than serving the $300 bottle of wine that the customers ordered, a staffer accidentally cracked open a rare French wine worth almost $6,000.

Supportive Friends Come Together With Wine and Wedding Dresses For ‘Divorce Party’

Upon finding out that her divorce was about to be finalized in December, Nicole Niesner was prepared to endure a lonely night in by herself....

Let’s Clear Up Some Myths About Sulfites, Wine, and Headaches

Are you a regular wine drinker? Well, this nutritionist has some handy information about the myths and misunderstands behind our favorite evening beverage.

Watch This Giant Sheepadoodle’s Hilarious Battle For a Sip of Wine

We have never been able to relate to a dog as much as Otis the 1-year-old sheepadoodle.

Hospital Grants Dying Patient’s Last Wish For Wine, Cigarette

This Danish man was told that he only had days – maybe even hours – to live before dying of internal bleeding. His last request?...

Solution to Age-old Problem: Physicist Invents Drip-Free Wine Bottle

If you're a seasoned wine drinker, you know the horror of accidentally staining lighter fabrics with those pesky drips running down the bottle. But now,...

Animal Lovers Rejoice! There’s Now a Wine For Your Furry Friends

You don't have to be a lonely cat lady in order to appreciate how exciting it is to kick back, relax, and share a glass of Pinot Meow with your feline.

She Offered an Armed Robber a Glass Of Wine, Completely Flipped The Script

An NPR podcast this week explored what happens when people flip the script, and respond to situations in ways that are completely unexpected. Particularly interesting...

Torn Between Red and White? For Halloween, Try Orange Wines

  Torn between white and red wines? Orange might be the perfect happy medium–especially with Halloween parties around the corner. Orange wines are similar to...

French Hospital Opens Wine Bar to Cheer Up Terminally Ill

A hospital in the French city of Clermont-Ferrand is opening a wine bar where terminally ill patients will be able to enjoy a glass or...
Surgeon and little boy-Robert Maddox-Mayo Clinic photo

9-Year-Old With Swine Flu Gets Once- Impossible Kidney Transplant

A 9-year-old boy whose tiny body was ravaged by swine flu during the 2009 outbreak is recovering from a much-needed but once-impossible kidney transplant. Robert...
winemaker shares on the train

Stranded Winemaker Makes Party for Passengers on Broken-Down Train

Passengers on a Friday afternoon AmTrak train from New York to DC in April might have been grumpy because their engine repeatedly broke down...
wine glasses, photo by Marcomaru, via Morguefile

Two Glasses of Wine a Day Improves Quality of Life for Middle-aged

A study of Canadians ages 50 and older showed a positive correlation between moderate consumption of alcohol and a higher quality of life. Of...
starbucks mug

Beer and Wine at Starbucks? Coming Next Year to Chicago

Trying to boost evening traffic to their stores, Starbucks will begin offering beer and wine, along with new options like cured meats in Chicago...
nurse photo by Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

Swine Flu Receding, Vaccine Supply Growing

The number of H1N1 swine flu cases in the United States has dropped steadily for four weeks as vaccine stockpiles continue to grow, the...

New French Wine Barrels Save Oak Trees

The French wine industry is turning green. After developing organic wines, some in the business have now patented ecologically responsible wine barrels that...
measles shots in Korea

Good News: Swine Flu Vaccine Supplies Increase

Hopeful news in the battle against the H1N1 swine flu emerged Thursday as European and Chinese researchers said they have developed swine flu vaccines...

How to Stay Optimistic Through the Recession, Bad Weather and Swine Flu (Video w/ Michael J. Fox)

Some people manage to maintain a rosy outlook no matter what's thrown at them. Tune in on Thursday May 7th, 2009 to see Michael J....