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Watch Joyous Reactions of Restaurant Workers After Man Tips Them Thousands of Dollars for Water

This YouTube star uses his position of internet fame to give thousands of dollars to unsuspecting strangers—and this video is just another example of...

When Mom Wanted to Build Walker for Her Son, Home Depot Workers Sent Them for Ice Cream and Got to Work

When Christian Moore told these employees what she was planning on building for her son, the workers gently ushered her out the door and got to work.

Watch Burly Construction Workers Rescue Baby Ducklings That Had Fallen into Storm Drain

Construction workers in Des Moines, Iowa took some time off from their road work to become heroes to this adorable family of ducks. 14 of...

Oil Rig Workers Come to the Rescue of Exhausted Dog Found Swimming 135 Miles From Shore

This exhausted pup was miraculously saved after oil rig workers spotted her paddling in the ocean 135 miles from the shore.

15-Year-old Autistic Boy Gets Lifetime Supply of Favorite Peanut Butter, Shares With Furloughed Workers

This 15-year-old boy with autism worked hard to get a lifetime supply of peanut butter – and now he is sharing his fortune with those in need.

Refugee-Run Restaurant Voted ‘Nicest Place in America’ is Now Feeding Furloughed Workers Too

The restaurant's latest efforts to feed federal works during the shutdown only further reenforces their reputation as the “Nicest Place in America”.

Sanitation Worker Honored as Role Model and Student Commencement Speaker, All Thanks to Coworkers’ Love

He went from working on a garbage truck to graduating from a major university, honored as their student commencement speaker—and he says he owes...

Disabled Workers Can Fulfill Their Love of Catering by Controlling Restaurant Robots From Home

This robot café could offer a creative new avenue of income and social interaction to disabled people who can no longer work in a restaurant setting.

Instead of Taking Their Share of Hospital Lotto Pool Winnings, Nurses Give It All to Two Struggling Co-Workers

Instead of using their lottery winnings to benefit all of them, these nurses wanted to use the cash to help two of their co-workers going through hardship.

Caring Ambulance Workers Take Detour to Grant Dying Man’s Simple Ice Cream Wish

Thanks to the attention and kindness of two Australian ambulance workers, a dying man was able to have the last meal he most desired. After...

Disney Offers to Pay Tuition for 80,000 Hourly Workers

The corporation is making thousands of dreams come true by offering free tuition to all of their hourly part-time and full-time employees.

When Cop With Cancer Refuses to Stop Working, Dozens of City Workers Donate Their Sick Days

Editor's Note: this town was previously featured on GNN as one of the finalists for the Top 10 Nicest Places in America competition from...

When Little Girl’s Beloved Toy Disappears, Grocery Store Workers Sift Through Landfill Until They Find It

This 3-year-old was heartbroken over her missing friend – but thankfully, three determined grocery store workers were on the case.

Walmart is Offering Workers and Their Family Members the Chance to Get College Degrees Debt-Free

Even though Walmart still has a long way to go before it's considered an ideal place to work, it's certainly a step in the right direction.

These Factories Hire Storytellers to Read to Workers So They Can be Educated—and Entertained

The endearing factory tradition is an ingenious – and simple – way to make work more enjoyable and beneficial for the workers.

Hero 58-Year-old Woman Saves 20 Factory Workers From a Fire

If Jyoti Verma had not been on hand to help early on Monday morning, 20 people may have been trapped inside of a quickly burning factory.

Doctors Turn Down Pay Raise So Their Fellow Health Care Workers Can Get a Raise Instead

Over 250 doctors and physicians rejected a proposed pay raise so they could pass the funds towards hardworking nurses and clerks instead.

Single Dad Walked 11 Miles to Work Every Day—Until His Co-Workers Found Out

For the last 7 months, Trenton Lewis had been diligently waking up in the pre-dawn morning so he could make the 5.5-mile hike to...

Janitor Works At Bank For 30 Years So Coworkers Surprise Him With Puppy After His Dog Dies

Floyd Green has been working at the same bank for 30 years – so when his Yorkie died, his coworkers decided to do something special.

Quarterback Gives First NFL Game Check to Cafeteria Workers Affected by Hurricane

In the midst of NFL controversy, a football player is trying to do some good for the fans who have been affected off of...