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Zimbabwe Finally Bans the Beating of Children

The East African country of Zimbabwe has just ruled that the beating of children is constitutional and will now be punishable by law. Though corporal...

Former Child Brides Win Case in Court: Zimbabwe Bans Child Marriage

Former child brides have struck a blow for future generations of women and children — taking their case to Zimbabwe’s highest court and winning...

Matt Damon Visits Refugees Fleeing From Zimbabwe (Video)

Actor Matt Damon visited refugee centres in Musina on the South African border with Zimbabwe as part of his work with the human rights...

Clerics Join Tutu in Fasting for ‘Suffering People of Zimbabwe’

Two clerics have joined Nobel Peace Prize laureate Desmond Tutu, the former Anglican archbishop of Cape Town, fasting in solidarity with the people of...

Doctor Uses Table Salt to Bring Down Cost of Artificial Skin Grafts From $900 to $5 Per Square Inch

This ingenious new method of cultivating artificial skin could offer new hope for burn victims and acid attack survivors around the world.

Good News in History, April 18

110 years ago today, Joan of Arc was beatified as a saint by Catholic leaders in Rome. An illiterate farm girl who claimed that...

Billionaire Promises to Reward 70-Year-old Woman Who Walked 10 Miles to Help Cyclone Victims

When this tenacious grandmother did not have money to take a bus, she hiked for 10 miles so she could bring a bag of supplies to a disaster relief area.

World Bank is Giving $22 Billion in Funding to Help All of Africa Stave Off Climate Change

The entire continent of Africa is set to receive a huge financial windfall from the World Bank in order to mitigate and adapt to climate change.

Watch the Badass Footage of Africa’s First All-Female Anti-Poaching Team in Action

Africa's first anti-poaching team comprised entirely of women is made up of fiercesome females who will stop at nothing to protect their wildlife.

Good News in History, November 11

100 years ago today, World War I officially ended— on the eleventh hour of the eleventh day of the eleventh month—when Germany signed an...

Mira A Este Elefante Húerfano Conquistar Su Miedo Al Agua, Con Ayuda De Su Amado Humano

Moyo el bebé elefante tenía apenas unos días de nacido, cuando su amada mamá humana lo encontró huérfano y solo en las orillas de...

She Prevents Gender-based Violence in India by Using a Powerful Law

Sometimes, it only takes one determined woman to save millions of people from the judicial system; and in this case, that woman is Gulika Reddy.

Watch Orphan Elephant Conquer His Fear of Water With Help From His Loving Human

Moyo the baby elephant was only a few days old when his loving human mother found him orphaned and alone on the shores of...

This Simple Self-Defense Program is Halting Sexual Assault Rates in Their Tracks

This simple self-defense program in Kenya fights gender-based violence by teaching both girls and boys how to respect and protect one another – and...

How Chickens and Goats Caused Likelihood of Child Marriage to Plummet by 90%

Caring for a chickens means a free supply of eggs that come with them – but for these sub-Saharan girls, they offer so much...

Rats Are Saving Elephants From Hidden Landmines on Their Migration Routes

These clever little critters are going to help save endangered species by sniffing out bombs across the densest minefield in Africa.

The ‘Pangolin Men’ Are Protecting The World’s Most Trafficked Mammal

You can tell by the footage of these pangolin caretakers that they are totally dedicated to protecting their small scaly friends.

Man Risks His Own Safety to Rescue Impala Stuck in Mud

A man dove into a pit of mud for one heroic reason: to rescue a female impala that had become trapped in the muck. The...

Pakistan Opens First Ever Violence Against Women Center

While Pakistan might be a notorious region for female abuse, the country is taking steps towards better gender equality by opening up 36 different...

Boy Named Blessing was Born With Deformed Legs, But Watch His Award-winning Breakdance Moves

Even though he was born with disfigured legs, a boy named Blessing Fire always felt the fire in his soul to dance. Told by his doctors...