Acts of Kindness Abound

Acts of Kindness Abound

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carrie-hugging.jpgThe NBC Nightly News anchor read more emails from people experiencing an explosion of kindness the country. A company CEO sending his workers out at full pay to work in soup kitchens and shelters; free money in the grocery line for anyone who needs it.

(Watch the Video of kindness stories below, or at NBC site

I experienced my own burst of welcome kindness last night when, after my daughter had lost her iPod in Manassas, VA, I received a call from the police saying the iPod had been turned in by someone named Mr. Miller. We are heartened when these things happen and find that in hard times, it happens even more often…

I have been inundated with good news from my own readers this week, that I can’t seem to keep up!  Keep sending your stories.




  1. I’ve always believed that good news stories inspire more good acts and likewise, bad news that gets “glorified” in the media begets more bad. I wish the news networks would see the value of this and start focusing more energy on bringing us stories like this.