Airline Goes Above & Beyond for Man With 2 Medical Emergencies at...

Airline Goes Above & Beyond for Man With 2 Medical Emergencies at Once

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When a man’s father had a heart attack and his wife went into unexpected early labor, an airline made sure he got home ahead of schedule – and free of charge.

Jordan Pryma was at a conference in Las Vegas, Nevada when he got a phone call that his father had a heart attack. As he scrambled to get a flight home to Edmonton, Alberta — 1,500 miles away — he got a second call telling him his pregnant wife went into labor three weeks early back home in the same city.


Pryma made several calls to WestJet customer service trying to get an earlier flight home, but the calls kept cutting off and he couldn’t confirm his flight.

Even though customer service had little more to go on than his name, because of the phone problems, they looked through their flights, found his information, and pushed through his changes.

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To Pryma’s relief, when he made it to the airport ticket counter, his ticket was not only waiting for him, but WestJet had paid for getting him home seven hours early.

“I was blown away,” he posted in an open letter to the airline on Facebook, along with a photo off the newborn daughter waiting for him on his return to Canada.

Westjet,I just want to take the time to thank WESTJET for their amazing customer service. Last week I was in vegas for...

Posted by Jordan Pryma on Wednesday, February 10, 2016

His father’s health is improving, too, and a full recovery is expected.

As for Pyrma, he says he’s not taking any more trips anytime soon.

(HEAR the radio interview with the Prymas from CBC News below) – Photo: Lord of the Wings, CC

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