Angel of Mercy Gives Hope – and Limbs – to People of...

Angel of Mercy Gives Hope – and Limbs – to People of Kabul (Video)

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alberto-in-cairo.jpgEverybody in Afghanistan loves the Italian, Alberto Cairo. For more than 18 years, Mr. Cairo has helped those crippled by landmines and war to walk again, to live normally again, by equipping them with artificial legs and arms. He opened a prosthetic limb factory, and gives jobs only to the handicapped. Through Red Cross micro loans, many who once begged in the streets, have their dignity back running shops and storefronts.

But Mr. Cairo says it is he, not his patients, who has reaped the greatest rewards from his work in Kabul. “What I’m doing here is so rewarding. For me, it’s perfect. I feel I have been very, very lucky.” (Read a Dec. 24 feature story in New York Times, or watch video below from NBC’s Making A Difference series)