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Top Free Clash of Clans Private Servers

Clash of Clans game is very popular among all age groups. A Clash of Clans private server is a mod of Clash of Clans game in which we get unlimited gems, gold, elixir and dark elixir along with new troops and more. Clash of Clans (COC) is a real time multiplayer game developed by Supercell. This game has been downloaded over 500M times on the Google Play and has a huge fan base. Supercell claims more than 100M daily active users. ______________________________________________________________________ The third party versions and mods are developed by third party developers and ensure high speed and reliability for the game. There are different types of mods available for different user interest and you can download your favourite mod without any cost. Thus, without a further ado, let me tell you more about the top mods of Clash of Clans which are available freely over the Internet. They are free to download and play and they ensure timely updates to the game. So sit back and enjoy your favourite mod without any issues. ______________________________________________________________________ 5 Best Clash of Clans Private Servers To Accelerate Your Gaming Experience:- Clash of Souls:- This game offers you unlimited gold, elixir, dark elixir and gems. This comes with the latest update of town hall 12. Along with these features, you will get king of every type of troop and build many of them in your base and make all the buildings also. Clash Royale troops are also available in this mod, making this game on the top of our list. So, wait no more. Just click on the below link to download the Clash of Souls modded server of Clash of Clans. ______________________________________________________________________ Micro Clash:- Micro Clash is a good private server of Clash of Clans game in which you get all the troops as well as resources unlimited. Micro Clash modded server is different from all other servers in the sense that its background music is different from the original Clash of Clans. You get different and better sound as compared to the original Clash of Clans game. Boat is also replaced in this game by a cool submarine. Another good feature of this mod is that you can train heroes as troops and can take thousands of troops in attacks. To download Micro Clash click on the below download link. ______________________________________________________________________ Clash of Magic:- It is one of my favourite private server of the Clash of Clans game. Unlimited resources to play game endlessly is a good feature of this mod. Compared to other mods, however, this is little limited. In sense that, this one is not pure. Which means that although it provides unlimited resources, it does not allow troop requirements and also does not allow to play clan wars. As it offer unlimited resources, max out your troops and buildings flawlessly with this mod. Thus, it is my favourite server. To download Clash of Magic private server, click on the below download link. ______________________________________________________________________ Clash of Lights:- Clash of Lights is another good private server of Clash of Clans game. This game, which shares similarity to original Clash of Clans, and is little different from the original one. As usual, like every Clash of Clans mod, you get unlimited resources-gold, elixir, dark elixir, gems etc. But in this game one limitation is there which is, although you can create or join any clan, troop requirements and promotions like leader or co-leader is not supported hear. But here, you can upgrade troops and buildings easily and fast with unlimited resources. This game is available in four different versions and you can download the version which suits you. To download this server click on the below download link. ______________________________________________________________________ Null’s Clash:- This server, as other servers is developed by third party and hosted on a private server. Unlimited resources are there in Null’s Clash. A different server which is Null’s Royal Private Server allows to play clan wars, request troops search wars. Also, Preparation Day of clan wars does not function here. You can chat with global chat option also. To download Null’s Clash, click on below download link. ______________________________________________________________________ Verdict and Conclusion:- In this post, I have shared with you the top 5 clash of clans modded private servers which are popular and available for free over the Internet. You get unlimited resources in these mods and they ensure high server uptime and very low downtime. Different mods have different features and you can play any of your favourite mods from this link. In the rare case, if you are facing any issues, or face any problem while downloading or playing any mod, please contact us and we will resolve your issue for sure. So, sit back and Enjoy the modded Clash of Clans.

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