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Ford Has Been Recycling 1.2 Billion Plastic Bottles Every Year to Make Vehicle Parts

Using an average of 250 bottles per vehicle, the company has been turning the plastic waste into undershields, carpets, and wheel liners.

Teen Makes ‘Armor’ That Blocks Radiation During Cancer Treatments, Reducing Exposure By Whopping 75%

Not only does the armor reduce exposure to radiation by 75%, it also provides a powerful psychological boost to women undergoing treatment.

Woman Was Scared Of Neighbor’s Pit Bull—Until He Saved Her Life

Despite how the Swedish woman had always been afraid of Simba, her attitude towards him softened after he came to her rescue.

For the First Time in the US, Surgeons Pump New Life into Dead Donor Heart for Life-Saving Transplant

The revived heart was successfully transplanted into a military veteran who is now faring quite well after the surgery, according to Duke University.

Dad Spends 1,200 Hours Renovating ‘Back to the Future’ Car So He Can Use it to Pick Up His Kids From School

Since buying the run down DeLorean back in June, this 37-year-old dad has transformed the car into a school bus daydream for himself and his kids..

Golfer Embraces Fan With Down Syndrome Whose Yell Caused Him to Lose Crucial Game-Making Shot

Rather than dwell on his disappointment over his lost playoff match, pro golfer Brandon Matthews made sure to embrace the fan who disrupted his final shot.

UK Supermarket Chain Provides Free Car Charging Network to EV Owners While They Shop

As a means of encouraging UK residents to buy EVs, Tesco has installed thousands of charging points for their shoppers to top off their batteries for free.

Watch Exuberant Hockey Fans Make Record Donation By Hurling 45,000 Teddy Bears onto Arena Ice

It took only eight minutes for the Hershey Bear team to score a goal and prompt a sudden downpour of donated teddy bears from the spectators.

These Holiday ‘Giving Machines’ Allow Users to Donate to People in Need With Just a Swipe of Their Card

Rather than dispensing candy bars, this machine allows users to donate hot meals, textbooks, toys, and essential items for charities around the world.

These Vegan, Edible, and Long-Lasting Wheat Bowls Are Cutting Down on Plastic Tableware

Rather than eating your soup out of a plastic bowl destined for the landfill, you can now swap it out for an edible, wheat-based bowl.

Rosa Parks Officially Honored With Memorial Statue in Montgomery 64 Years After Her Iconic Protest

On December 1st, 1955, Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her bus seat to a white man—now she is being honored with her very own statue.

After Australian Bushfires, People Knit Mittens for Burnt Koalas and Raise Almost $2 Million to Help

In addition to crafting hundreds of pieces of knitwear for injured animals, people from all over the world have raised almost $2 million in donations.

In World First, German Steelmakers Power Their Furnace Using Only Hydrogen Instead of Coal

With the steelmaking industry producing 7% of the world's CO2 emissions, this breakthrough from Germany could be pivotal in curbing its carbon footprint.

Watch Iconic Soccer Star Surprise a Superfan at Work—Followed By the Best Day Ever

Not only did the team surprise their fan with a visit to their stadium, they also gave him season tickets to every single one of their away games to come.

Playing Traditional Games Protects Your Thinking Skills As You Age, Says New 68-Year Study

Playing cards, chess, or board games isn't just fun—this longitudinal study says it protects your thinking skills as you get older.

Years After Accidental Holiday Text, Man Still Gets Together With the Grandma Who Invited Him to Thanksgiving Dinner

It has been several years since Jamal Hinton was invited to a woman's Thanksgiving dinner—and they have been fast friends ever since.

Man Transforms His Pub into the Most Festive Bar in All of UK So He Can Raise Money for Sick Children

With more than 60,000 Christmas lights and towering sculptures made of beer bottles, this may be the most festive pub in all of Great Britain.

Dying Man Fulfills Final Wish of Having a Beer With His Sons—And the Photo is Comforting Thousands

Since the photo was shared last week, it has prompted thousands of people to share their own stories of comfort and familial love.

With Only 4% of Their Works by Women Artists, Museum Resolves to Only Buy Female-Made Art for One Year

This Maryland art museum is aiming to close their gender gap by exclusively buying artworks by female artists and designers for the next year.

Missing Cat Finally Reunited With Owner After It Was Found Wandering the Streets 1,400 Miles Away

It has been five years since Sasha the cat disappeared from her home in Portland—but thanks to her microchip, she has finally be reunited with her owner.