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Instead of Selling Her $1.7 Million Home, Woman is Giving It Away to the Winner of a Letter-Writing Contest

You now have an opportunity to live in this breathtaking $1.7 million home simply by writing a $25 letter to Alla Wagner about why you want to live there.

When I Was Alone at the Hospital at 4AM, a Lyft Driver Restored My Faith in Humanity

I had not slept in days, and when I was released from the hospital at 4AM, I was anticipating an awkward drive home – but I was pleasantly surprised.

Anonymous $2 Million Gift for Sanctuary Will House 200 Chimps Rescued From Research Facilities

A stranger's anonymous multi-million dollar donation is set to help over 200 chimpanzees enjoy a well-deserved retirement from research facilities.

12-Year-old Boy Gives Away Thousands of Lunches to the Homeless – and He’ll Soon Have His Own Truck

In order to feed the homeless people of Boston, this youngster will soon be operating his own food truck out of Cambridge.

100-Year-old Lady Has Sweetest Reaction to the Mountie Who Granted Her Birthday Wish to Dance

This 100-year-old woman could not stop smiling when a compassionate Mountie stepped forward to grant her birthday wish.

Nepal Set to Become First Country That Doubles Its Wild Tiger Population

After almost a decade of conservation work, Nepal is poised to become the first of fourteen countries that doubles its wild tiger population.

This University is Recycling Their Bubble Wrap By Offering It Up to Their Stressed Out Students

Instead of throwing their bubble wrap into the garbage, this university is recycling the packaging by using it as anti-stress therapy for their students.

Girl Who Could Die From Any Strong Smell is Saved by a Specially-Trained Dog

This teenager has been given a new lease on life thanks to a 3-year-old pup who has been trained to help with her condition.

Natural Light Beer Wants to Apologize for the Hangovers by Paying Off Millions in Student Loan Debt

Dozens of college grads are being given the chance to finish school with a clean slate thanks to one of their favorite beers.

Lin-Manuel Miranda and Friends Rescue Struggling Theater Business From New York City Rent Prices

The “Hamilton” star has become more than just a star on stage – he has also become a hero to a historic drama store of New York City.

‘Game-Changing’ Approval of Liver Transplant Procedure Expected to Halve the Waiting List

After its successful assessment and approval, this “ground-breaking” procedure is expected to halve the amount of people waiting for liver transplants.

Chick-Fil-A Opened On a Sunday in Order to Grant the Birthday Wish of a Boy With Special Needs

Even though Chick-Fil-A is always closed on Sundays, this restaurant opened their doors in order to grant a 14-year-old boy's birthday wish.

Grandmother Spent an Entire Year Cleaning Plastic Off 52 English Beaches in Her Spare Time

This 70-year-old woman is a prime example of how anyone can use their spare time to make a difference in the world.

Island on the Brink of Disaster Plants Thousands of Trees and is Now a Poster Kid for Adapting to Climate Change

This little island has not only recovered from the brink of disaster – their conservation efforts are now helping them to thrive.

By Easing Anxiety for Lower-Income Students With 10-Minute Writing Exercise, Test Grades Soar Dramatically

A simple 10-minute writing exercise to reduce anxiety has been shown to reduce test failure rates by over half.

Canadian Air Traffic Controllers Send Pizza to US Counterparts Affected by Shutdown

In a gesture of international solidarity, Canadian air traffic controllers are ordering pizza deliveries for their American neighbors.

Tiny Sponges in the Bloodstream Could Greatly Reduce Cancer Treatment Side Effects

The sponges could also allow doctors to take more aggressive therapeutic action against liver cancer, too.

US Cancer Death Rate Has Fallen by 27% in 25 Years – Study

This new report shows that millions of people have lived longer and fuller lives thanks to a steadily declining cancer death rate.

Cosmic Telescope Finally Captures Light From the Dawn of Time

The brightest object in the universe is emitting light from close to the beginning of time – which is roughly 12.8 billion light years away.

UK Trains Will Run On Hydrogen Power Within Three Years and Produce Zero Emissions

The hydrogen-powered “Breeze” trains are set to launch within the next three years, and they are designed to produce zero carbon emissions.