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World’s Largest Rooftop Urban Farm is Set to Open in Paris Next Year

Using a specialized “vertical farming” technique, the French garden will use very little water and absolutely no pesticides.

When Asked to Build a Hospital That Lowers Blood Pressure, They Built a ‘Forest-Like’ Sanctuary

When designers were asked to create a hospital that lowered a patient's blood pressure, they used nature as the obvious solution—and it worked.

This Tasty Seaweed Reduces Cow Emissions by 99%—and It Could Soon Be a Climate Gamechanger

Cows love nibbling on this common pink seaweed growing off the coast of Australia—and it apparently reduces their gassy emissions by 99%.

When Taylor Swift Fan Can’t Afford College Tuition, the Pop Star Sends $6,400 to Pay It: ‘Get your learn on girl!’

When this longtime Taylor Swift fan could not afford to pay for her university tuition, the pop star stepped in to cover the debt.

Choral Reef? Listen to Scientist’s Recording of How Fish ‘Sing’ at Dawn

Scientists are “amazed” to discover that fish gather together to sing at dusk and dawn just like their feathered flying counterparts.

Europe Could Produce Enough Wind Farm Energy to Power the Whole World for 30 Years, New Study Shows

This exciting new study from the University of Sussex shows that Europe alone could feasibly produce enough wind energy for the entire Earth.

Man and His Donkey Are Going Viral for Their Enthusiastic Duet of ‘The Circle of Life’ From Lion King

Despite how donkeys aren't native to Africa, this braying backup singer was more than happy to join his delighted owner as he sang the iconic Disney song.

If You Like Globe-Trotting Adventures, You and Your Pup Can Apply to Be ‘Canine Hotel Critics’ is looking for a fashionable Fido to review their accommodations—and there are travel perks for the pup's owner as well.

Photographer Captures Exact Moment of Beauty When Lightning Strikes Erupting Volcano (LOOK)

A German photographer managed to capture the exact moment when a lightning bolt struck the center of a volcano that was erupting in Russia.

Lady Gaga is Funding All the Classroom Projects in Three US Cities Affected by Recent Shootings

In total, the pop star is financing the educational needs of 162 classrooms in Dayton, Ohio; El Paso, Texas; and Gilroy, California.

Delaware Becomes First US State to Achieve ‘No-Kill’ Status for Shelter Pets

With almost 12,000 animals being saved from euthanization, Delaware has just become the first to achieve statewide “no-kill” status.

Simone Biles Just Became First Gymnast to Land Double-Double Dismount—and She Absolutely Nailed It

Not only was Biles the first gymast to ever attempt the maneuver, she nailed the jaw-dromming maneuver with flourish.

Watch an Astonishing Scene as Thousands of Stampeding Ducks Bring Traffic to a Standstill

This is the moment traffic was brought to a standstill by thousands of ducks stampeding through the streets.. The astonishing video shows the “badling” of...

6-Legged Puppy Given the Perfect Forever Home After She Was Adopted By Bullied Boy

Since this adorable 8-week-old puppy was born with six legs, there was a strong chance that her breeders were going to have her euthanized. Now...

Is This Heaven? No, It’s Iowa: Yankees to Play White Sox on Actual ‘Field of Dreams’ Site

MLB is constructing a temporary stadium on the actual Iowa film set so the White Sox can face off against the Yankees on August 13th, 2020.

After Decades of Federal Protection, Hawaiian Coral Reefs Are Returning to Their Former Glory

After being devastated by overfishing and trawling, these Pacific coral reefs are recovering and raising hopes for the future.

Caring Cats and Frisky Felines: 10 Stories to Make You Purr With Joy on International Cat Day

In honor of International Cat Day, here are some silly feline stunts and some heartwarming furry hero stories for this purrrrfect holiday.

Listen to Actor Danny Trejo Describe How He Helped Rescue Special Needs Boy From Overturned Car

The 75-year-old actor says that he was able to form a bond with the boy because he has had experience working with special needs kids in the past.

Oil and Gas Rigs Could Soon Be Reassigned to Fight Climate Crisis by Storing CO2 Emissions

Instead of spending millions of dollars on decommissioning oil and gas rigs, new research suggests they could be put to work storing CO2 emissions.

Firefighters Spend 2 Hours Freeing Hapless Raccoon From Sewer Grate: ‘We rescue citizens both big and small’

When a civilian found a distressed raccoon lodged in a sewage grate, a team of determined firefighters spent two hours trying to free it.