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Chinese girl dances with fan -Giacomo Pirozzi/UNICEF

Why Smiling Is Good for You – and Five Photos That Guarantee Grins on World Happiness Day

Never underestimate the power and impact of one simple facial gesture: your smile–the movement can create happy feelings—even when you're not feeling happy.

Good News in History, February 26

100 years ago today, the Grand Canyon was proclaimed a National Park by the US Congress. The steep-sided mile-deep canyon carved by the Colorado...

Rather Than Pay $150K in Ransom, Radiohead Publishes Stolen Music and Donates Sales to Environmental Group

Instead of forking over $150,000 to a hacker who stole their unreleased content, Radiohead is selling the album on Bandcamp and donating the proceeds.

For First Time Ever, Scientists Have Cured Living Creatures of HIV and Eliminated Virus From DNA Entirely

A trailblazing team of researchers has eliminated all traces of HIV from living mice – and they will soon begin clinical trials on humans.

California Professors Place Seesaws Across US-Mexico Border So Children Can Play Together

This powerful new installation is being used as a recreational bridge between the children and adults on the US-Mexico border.

If You Like Globe-Trotting Adventures, You and Your Pup Can Apply to Be ‘Canine Hotel Critics’ is looking for a fashionable Fido to review their accommodations—and there are travel perks for the pup's owner as well.

These Adorable Pictures Capture the Moment an Awestruck Squirrel Stopped to Admire Some Flowers

These photos of a ground squirrel admiring some Austrian flowers are probably guaranteed to turn any frown upside down.

When Bus Driver Sees His Students Waiting in Weeds, He Returned to Mow the Entire Bus Stop

Rather than allow his students to wait for him at an overgrown bus stop, Jerry Martin took it upon himself to clean up the area.

New Antiviral Drug Shown to Be ‘Highly Effective’ in Treating All Flu Strains in Animals and Human Tissue

Not only did the “groundbreaking” new form of therapy greatly reduce the duration of the sickness, it was also shown to work against all strains of the flu.

Burglars Break Down the Door and – Surprise – Face Off With a Huge Pig

Police suspect that Dumplin the pig had something to do with the burgarly's outcome earlier this week.

Beer Deliveryman Prevents Suicide on a Bridge By Offering a Cold One—While Channeling Denzel Washington

After channeling his inner Denzel Washington, a beer deliverman finally succeeded in talking down a suicidal man when he cracked open a cold one.

Photos of 75-Year-Old Volunteer Napping With Cats Hauls in Funds to Run Sanctuary for a Year

These sweet pictures of an older volunteer napping with cats have garnered enough donations to run the animal sanctuary for an entire year.

In ‘World First,’ Gene Therapy Trial Restores Vision in Patients With Genetic Form of Blindness

The trial has reportedly made a “big difference” in the lives of the patients who received the groundbreaking treatment.

Devoted Lunch Lady Encourages Students by Writing Sweet Messages on Fruit

As a means of encouraging her students, this lunch lady has started turning lunchtime fruit into makeshift fortune cookies. Stacey Truman, the cafeteria manager at...

Hubby-of-the-Year Surprises His Wife With Unknown Travel Destination – Even the Pilot Kept it a Secret

Even the flight crew was in on the plot – and thanks to their secrecy, the birthday surprise went off without a hitch.

Stuck in Airport for 7 Months, Refugee is Finally Given a Home Half a World Away Thanks to Canadian Stranger

After being forced to live in an airport for seven months, this man was finally given a home thanks to a Canadian woman who saw his Twitter videos.

Watch Dramatic Video of Surfer Potentially Breaking Record for Riding World’s Biggest Wave

The 29-year-old daredevil still needs to submit evidence to officiators, but experts have expressed confidence that he succeeded in breaking the record.

Police Are ‘Happily Surprised’ to Report Zero Roadside Busts for Drunk Driving On New Year’s Eve

Contrary to what you might expect, the police officers of this major city were delighted to report that none of the drivers they breathalyzed...

Seven Years After Undergoing Experimental MS Treatment, Woman is Still Experiencing No Symptoms

This young mother from Anchorage, Alaska is still thriving after undergoing an experimental stem cell therapy seven years ago.

He Built His Own Prosthetic Out of LEGOS and Hopes to Provide Cheap Solutions for Others Who Need a Hand

Over the course of his youth, this 19-year-old has built several prosthetic arms out of LEGOs – and he one day hopes to do something similar for other kids.