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When 92-year-old Woman Orders Food Straight From Delivery Guy, He Obliges and Helps Her Out

This young man is a perfect example of how we can be more patient with our elders.

Study Shows Patients Will Recover More Quickly When the Doctor Uses Different Words

This new study shows just how helpful an encouraging doctor can be for your recovery and health.

Daughter is Overwhelmed by Internet’s Response to Her Request for Grieving Father’s Birthday

When a woman asked for help from the internet, she was shocked by how thousands of social media users rose to the challenge.

Here Are the Best Foods You Can Eat to Get a Good Night’s Sleep

If you're having trouble getting some good shut-eye, don't go for the junk food – these foods are far better for your sleep than those high-carb snacks.

People From All Faiths Are Forming Protective ‘Rings of Peace’ Around Synagogues

As a means of offering their support to their Jewish neighbors, hundreds of Muslims and non-religious people are standing side-by-side in “rings of peace”.

Family Accidentally Transforms Weed Growing From the Sidewalk into a Beloved Charlie Brown Tree

What started as a small act of spreading Christmas tree turned into an outpouring of community love, compassion, and camaraderie.

Scientists Develop Molecule That Can Finally Help Stop Arthritis From Wearing Down Joints

Though we have drugs that can alleviate arthritis-related pain, we don't currently have any treatments for reversing the joint deterioration.

Amidst Bomb Threat Evacuation, NBA Player Stops to Carry Neighbor’s Child Down 46 Flights

When asked for comment about the incident, he simply chuckled, saying: “I'm just a good Samaritan, not a hero.”

Tiny Sponges in the Bloodstream Could Greatly Reduce Cancer Treatment Side Effects

The sponges could also allow doctors to take more aggressive therapeutic action against liver cancer, too.

Parents Have Perfect Solution to Daughter Sneakily Ordering $350 Worth of Barbies From Amazon

This mischievous 6-year-old learned a valuable lesson from her online heist earlier this month.

Squirrel Rescued From Roadside Now Hides Nuts in His Human’s Hair as He Prepares for Winter

When Horatio the squirrel refused to leave Mandy McKenna's house, he went ahead and made himself at home by doing what squirrels do best.

You Should Finally Learn to Love Yourself: A ‘How To’ Manifesto For Depression Awareness Month

If you struggle with self-esteem issues, then there is a question that you should ask yourself to examine the cause and effects of your issues.

Growing Up Surrounded by Books Could Have Powerful, Lasting Effect on the Mind

This new study shows that teens who grew up around books had a lot of the same mental capabilities as university students who weren't exposed to books.

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GNN Founder Talks About Her New Book of Good News in Thanksgiving Day Video

A Thanksgiving Day message from GNN Founder, Geri Weis-Corbley: We have a new book coming out—a collection of 28 of the most inspiring stories published...

Mom With Rubber Glove Christmas Tree Turns Down Strangers’ Gifts, Asking People to Donate to Charity Instead

When this mom couldn't afford a tree, she made one out of rubber gloves because “you don’t have to spend loads of money to make Christmas special.”

From a Juvenile Locked in Solitary Confinement to An Opera Star on Broadway

This opera singer went from being locked in solitary confinement as a child to enchanting audiences on a Broadway stage.

Nepal Set to Become First Country That Doubles Its Wild Tiger Population

After almost a decade of conservation work, Nepal is poised to become the first of fourteen countries that doubles its wild tiger population.

Girl Scout Wrote Letters to Companies, Urging Them to Ditch Plastic – And They Did

Shelby O'Neil may only be 17 years old, but she is using her voice to save billions of pounds of plastic from landfills every year.

Opioid Crisis Breakthrough: Non-Addictive Painkiller Found Effective

This medical breakthrough could make a huge difference for the opioid crisis in America.