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Muslims in Town Adopt a Sacred Hindu Tenet So They Won’t Hurt the Feelings of Their Religious Neighbors

The Muslim residents of this district are not forced to abstain from their practice, rather they choose to do it out of respect for their Hindu neighbors.

Today is Peace Day – and Jude Law is Asking You to Join In

It's been almost two decades since the UN unanimously adopted Peace Day – and it has had a dramatic impact on countries and individuals around the world.

Student-Designed Electric Car Breaks World Record by Crossing Australia in 6 Days Using Only $50 of Power

A team of college students has just broken the Guinness World Record for using the lowest amount of energy to cross Australia in an electric car.

Acid Attack Survivor Becomes First UK Citizen to Have Vision Restored With Pioneering New Surgery

After 24 years of being unable to see out of his right eye, James O'Brien's vision has finally been restored thanks to a pioneering new stem cell treatment.

Roseanne Cash Was Depressed and Struggling When She Received a Call From an Unlikely Person (MOTH Monday)

Despite her musical success, Roseanne Cash found herself depressed and defeated on the streets on New York when she received a life-changing phone call.

Handheld Device Can ‘Sniff’ Your Food and Detect Trace Amounts of Deadly Allergens in Just 30 Seconds

Once the device is commercially available within the next few years, scientists will be selling the devices for just $150 a pop.

Scientists Found Flute Music That Helps to Build the Brains of Premature Babies

An exciting new piece of research from Switzerland found that specially-orchestrated music helps to boost the brain function of prematurely born babies.

When Street Musician Offers His Earnings to Homeless Vets, He is Stunned By How They Pay It Forward

Adam Kightlinger was just trying to do something kind for some homeless men – but he was surprised by the waves of compassion that resulted from his offer.

170 Foxes Are Rescued From Fur Farm and Given New Home at a Buddhist Monastery

When the Buddhist monks heard that the foxes needed a new home, they were more than happy to welcome the homeless critters with open arms.

Check Out Some of the Gorgeous Winning Pictures From This ‘Kindness Photography’ Contest

When prompted to submit photos of kindness, hundreds of photographers published their work—and the results are breathtaking.

Europe Could Produce Enough Wind Farm Energy to Power the Whole World for 30 Years, New Study Shows

This exciting new study from the University of Sussex shows that Europe alone could feasibly produce enough wind energy for the entire Earth.

Cameroon Man Uses Wasted Plastic Bottles to Build Canoes for Fishermen in Need

Not only does his organization help to keep Cameroon clean of plastic waste, it also helps to promote ecotourism and support low-income fishermen.

App Lets Families Easily Send Printed Photos to Their Loved Ones in Jail With a Swipe of a Button

An app that is being called “Instagram for Prisons” allows families to stay in connect with inmates simply by taking a cell phone picture.

How a Former Teacher Beat the Mining Industry and Saved the Rare Snow Leopards

This 49-year-old has proved herself to be a champion for vulnerable big cat populations in a region dominated by big mining companies.

Photo Contest Captures Friendship Moments That Make You Feel All Warm Inside

These are just a few of the breathtaking photos that are finalists in the Agora competition to uncover the best friendship-themed photos.

Rosa Parks Officially Honored With Memorial Statue in Montgomery 64 Years After Her Iconic Protest

On December 1st, 1955, Rosa Parks was arrested for refusing to give up her bus seat to a white man—now she is being honored with her very own statue.

Burglars Break Down the Door and – Surprise – Face Off With a Huge Pig

Police suspect that Dumplin the pig had something to do with the burgarly's outcome earlier this week.

After Years of Research, Scientists Finally Develop Army-Ready Pizza That Can Cheer Hungry Soldiers in the Field

Pizza may not seem like the most pressing problem for soldiers in the field, but it makes a huge difference for the ones eating it overseas.

Police Officer Finally Gets to Meet the Man Who Kept Her Dry for 30 Minutes in the Rain

This Good Samaritan spent half an hour anonymously protecting a police officer from the rain – and she finally got to thank him.

Here Are a Dozen Different Ways the World Has Rallied Behind Australia During the Bushfires

From donating millions of dollars to wildfire relief funds to serving up meals to exhausted firefighters—Australia is not alone in fighting the blazes.