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Photos of 75-Year-Old Volunteer Napping With Cats Hauls in Funds to Run Sanctuary for a Year

These sweet pictures of an older volunteer napping with cats have garnered enough donations to run the animal sanctuary for an entire year.

Here’s How You Can Visit Any of These 1,500 Museums For Free This Weekend

On Saturday, hundreds of cultural institutions across America will be celebrating Museum Day with free admission.

Being Rocked to Sleep is Good for Adults and Babies – and it Could Be a Future Cure for Insomnia

Being rocked to sleep isn't just good for babies – it also dramatically improves sleep and memory function for adults, too.

Listen to Woman’s Incredible Story of How an Accidental Phone Call Pulled Her Out of Drug Addiction

Auburn Sandstrom was in dire straits when she made a phone call to an unlikely person who would change her life.

Americans Donated 10,000 Pizzas to Voters Waiting in Long Lines on Election Day Thanks to Pizza Nonprofit

By the end of Election Day, Pizza to the Polls had delivered free pies to hungry voters at 576 polling places in 43 states.

Walk Through This Giant Stunning Exhibit Where Van Gogh’s Artwork Comes to Life in Light

This new music and art display in southern France uses 50-foot walls to immerse you in the life and work of Vincent Van Gogh.

Kids Spread Peace on the Emmy Red Carpet With Giancarlo Esposito and James Corden

To encourage youth leadership, the Creative Arts Emmys invited “Kids for Peace” representatives to join media networks in covering the Red Carpet in Los...

US Bans New Mining Claims on Public Land Near Yellowstone Park With Bipartisan Support

Dozens of wildlife species in the surrounding area of Yellowstone National Park will be protected thanks to a new ruling. Earlier this week, U.S. Interior...

US Cancer Death Rate Has Fallen by 27% in 25 Years – Study

This new report shows that millions of people have lived longer and fuller lives thanks to a steadily declining cancer death rate.

Scientist Surprised to Find How Important it is to Have Visual Diet Rich in Kindness Over Cuteness

This new piece of research shows that people experience twice as much positive emotion with images of kindness compared to pretty pictures.

Man Once Mocked for Shaving on Public Transit Has Gotten Money, Job Offers, and His Dignity Back

A mean-spirited social media video has turned into an outpouring of support for a homeless man who wanted to look nice for his family.

Watch Magician Perform Magic Tricks for Bewildered Shelter Dogs in Hopes of Getting Them Adopted

As a means of showing off the personalities of these adorably bamboozled shelter pups, a magician made their dog treats “magically” disappear.

Watch Artistic Hairdresser Use a Paint Roller to Create Beautiful Highlights in Woman’s Hair

The colorful end result of the woman's unusual hairdo isn't too hard on the eyes, either.

FDA Approves First Depression Treatment in Decades: A Nasal Spray Doctors Can Administer for Quick Relief

Though the treatment has received its fair share of wariness, it could provide immediate relief for patients experience treatment-resistant depression.

Parkinson’s Researchers Now Have $24 Million To Keep Going Thanks to Funding From Michael J. Fox

Scientists now have over $24 million in funding for Parkinson's research thanks to the beloved Hollywood philanthropist.

Muslims Raise $250,000 for Pittsburgh Synagogue: ‘Whatever you need … let us know, we’ll be there’

Following the synagogue shooting in Pittsburgh last week, these Muslim groups are rushing to help their Jewish neighbors.

The Joy of Holding a Book Will Never Go Out of Style: Sales Improve for Fifth Year in a Row

If you're looking for a positive trend from 2018, printed book sales have continued to improve despite the concerns of e-reader competition.

Watch Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson Delight in Surprising His Mom With a ‘Golden Ticket’ for a New Home

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson may be famous, but this new video proves that he still has a humble appreciation for his adoring mother.

Major Plastic Producer Has Turned Over 100 Tons of Waste into Roads – With Many More Miles More to Go

After successfully piloting the roads in Asia, the company has started laying the recycled plastic roads in America as well.

Kids to Tally One Billion Acts of Peace in Just 10 Days (Let’s All Help By Using Hashtag #DoItForPeace)

We are about to find out if the world can accomplish a billion acts of peace in ten days, thanks to a global experiment...