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Peru is Protecting Machu Picchu By Planting One Million Trees to Guard Against Mudslides and Fires

Peruvian President Martin Viscarrato is readying to plant 1 million trees around Machu Picchu in order to protect the site from natural disaster.

Man Finally Rescued After Spending 20 Days in Alaskan Wilderness Following Cabin Fire

After a piece of flaming cardboard burnt his cabin to the ground in December, Tyson Steele spent three weeks enduring sub-zero temperatures before rescue.

‘Breakthrough’ Device Allows Doctors to Keep Livers Outside the Body for 7 Days Instead of Mere Hours

The revolutionary perfusion machine was unveiled to the world by Swiss researchers from the University of Zurich earlier this week.

JetBlue Going Carbon-Neutral in 2020 On All Domestic Flights —The First Major US Airline to Do So

The newly-announced initiative is expected to save roughly 15 to 17 billion pounds of CO2 emissions from entering the atmosphere every year.

Rather Than Shredding Food Scraps With Your Garbage Disposal, This Device Collects It All for Composting

The ingenious and easy-to-install device allows homeowners to flush all of their food scraps down the drain for composting, rather than the trash.

The 50 Best Images From Around the World That Illustrate Freedom

Fifty photographers from around the world have been selected as finalists for Agora's photography contest themed around “Freedom”.

Labrador Retriever Has Been Helping Owner Collect Hundreds of Pounds of Trash From Beach Since She Was a Pup

Since Molly the Labrador has always had an affinity for collecting trash, her owner decided to put her hobby to good use by cleaning up their local beach.

Dutch Guy Famous for Cleaning Up Pacific Garbage Patch is Now Clearing the World’s Rivers Too

Young Dutch scientist Boyan Slat is responsible for cleaning up the worlds oceans—and he is now cleaning up rivers with his new invention: The Interceptor

9-Year-old Boy With Dyslexia Uses His ‘Superpower’ to Make John Cena Portrait Out of Rubik’s Cubes

This dyslexic boy is hoping to use his artistic talent to show the world that even with his different learning abilities, he is still capable of greatness.

Boy Was Inspired to Become Youngest Yogi in US After Seeing How Yoga Healed His Mom After Chemo

Now 14 years old, this young man has taught yoga classes all over the world—and he often donates the money he makes to cancer research charities.

This New LED Lamp Has Helped 90% of Its Dyslexic Users to Read ‘Effortlessly’

More than 90% of the dyslexic people who tested the device said they could “easily read any text illuminated by the lamp”.

Here Are a Dozen Different Ways the World Has Rallied Behind Australia During the Bushfires

From donating millions of dollars to wildfire relief funds to serving up meals to exhausted firefighters—Australia is not alone in fighting the blazes.

Shutdown of US Coal-Fired Plants Linked to 26,000 Deaths Averted—And Higher Crop Yields on Farms

A decade after shutting down an old coal power plant, researchers say that its closure saved more than 26,000 lives—and millions of crops.

More Than 200 Volunteer Firefighters From US and Canada Have Deployed to Help With Australian Bushfires

After Australia offered firefighting aid to the United States and Canada in 2018, more than 200 volunteers are repaying the favor.

Island Nation Becomes First Country in the World to Ban Sunscreens With Reef-Harming Chemicals

Although there have been a few pieces of legislation against toxic sunscreens introduced around the world, Palau is the first country to pass a full ban.

FDA Approves Pancreatic Cancer Drug Treatment After It Was Shown to Double Patient Lifespans

The drug Lynparza is already approved for the treatment of breast and ovarian cancer in several dozen countries around the world.

Jose Cuervo Turns Their Agave Tequila Waste into Durable, Biodegradable Straws

The “Agave Project” straws are being hailed as a first-of-its-kind model for recycling distillation waste into utensils that are similar to plastic.

First-of-its-Kind Village for Homeless Native Americans Now Houses Dozens in Seattle

Eagle Village is a trailblazing new settlement in Seattle that has been designed by Native Americans for Native Americans—and it already helping dozens.

Firefighters Rush Out of Supermarket on Emergency Call Only to Return and Find Strangers Paid for Their Groceries

The fire department lieuntenant said that in 20 years of firefighting, he had never had a community member pay for his groceries as a thank you.

Give Yourself a ‘Dry January’—You’ll Sleep Better, Save Money, and Lose Weight

These two studies show that there may be a dozen different benefits to quitting drinking for a month—and they have a dramatic impact on your health.