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All-Girl Heavy Metal Band Achieves Fame By Dominating National Stages in Hijabs and Leather Jackets

Despite enduring threats and criticism from the conservative side of Indonesia, these girls have defied the odds and found national fame.

Man is Using Old Christmas Trees to Make Stylish Wooden Canes for His Fellow Veterans

Not only does it keep the Christmas trees out of a landfill, it also helps provide sturdy, reliable hand-crafted canes for veterans around the world.

66-Year-old Grandfather Stays Sharp by Building Elaborate Star Wars Replicas—And This R2 is His Latest Creation

This Star Wars superfan has been enjoying his retirement by building elaborate Star Wars replicas in the garden shed of his English home.

Hundreds of Volunteers Are Tracking Santa’s Journey On Christmas Eve; Here’s How to Follow His Sleigh

Hundreds of jolly volunteers have stepped up to continue the tradition of monitoring Santa Claus's journey around the world for the 64th year in a row.

Mom With Cancer Brought to Tears By Son Traveling 1,500 Miles to Surprise Her for Christmas

This is the heartwarming moment a devoted son was able to surprise his mother at Christmas Eve—and her reaction might bring a tear to your eye.

Finland is Making Their 6-Week Crash Course on AI Available to the World as a Free Christmas Gift

“The Elements of AI” is currently available in English, Swedish, Estonian, Finnish, and German through the University of Helsinki website.

Healing Dose of Optimism: The Top 10 Medical Breakthroughs of 2019 Will Have You Cheering

In just one year, scientists managed to regrow tooth enamel; use stem cells to restore blindness; and identify molecules for fighting the worst cancers.

This 5-Year-old Paid Off Lunch Debts for 123 Classmates Simply By Selling Cookies and Hot Cocoa

For three hours, this sweet California student stood outside at her pastry stand so she could raise money for the outstanding lunch debts at her school.

Researchers Discover Brain’s ‘Off Switch’ for Epilepsy—And It Could Revolutionize Drug-Free Treatment

For the first time, scientists have confirmed the location and function of a group of neural cells which can completely cut off all forms of seizures.

After Debuting World’s Largest 3D-Printed Building, Startup is Set to Bring Affordable Housing to US

The 2-story building was printed on-site in Dubai with the help of just three workers—and the engineers now hope to build similar structures in the US.

This Hi-Tech Bed With Revolving Blanket Could Prevent Blanket-Hogging Between Couples

This hi-tech bed could spell the end of “blanket bandits” stealing the blanket from their significant other in the middle of the night.

Europe Introduces Legislative Road Map to Becoming World’s First Climate-Neutral Continent By 2050

Not only does the package call on member states to slash emissions further, it also incentivizes coal-dependent states to turn away from fossil fuels.

In a UK First for Muslim Hospital Workers, Doctor Introduces Disposable, Sterile Hijabs

The University Hospitals of Derby and Burton NHS Trust are the first in the UK to offer the single-use hijabs for Muslim healthcare workers.

This City Billboard Has Been Designed to Purify the Surrounding Air By Eating Up Smog

This billboard is covered in a resin that has been designed to attract air pollutants and turn them into clean oxygen for the city.

This Cheap, Amphibious, 3D-Printed Prosthetic Means That Amputees Can Now Enjoy the Water Without Stress

This inexpensive, amphibious prosthetic means that amputees can now enjoy the beach with their family without having to worry about ruining their limb.

California Celebrates Reaching One Million Solar Roofs Milestone; New Focus on ‘One Million Solar Batteries’ Goal

California legislators gathered together this week to celebrate the fulfillment of the One Million Solar Roofs Initiative they launched in 2006.

Veteran Goes From Janitor to Physicist After Teaching Himself Trigonometry Using Only Youtube Videos

Despite suffering from PTSD and a lack of education, Joshua Carroll has fulfilled his dream of becoming a physicist—and it's all thanks to watching Youtube.

‘World’s First Self-Cleaning’ Hoodie is On Sale—And for Each One Bought, One is Donated to the Homeless

In addition to preventing stains during boozy Christmas parties, these revolutionary hoodies will also help to keep London's homeless warm and clean.

Girl Hand-Delivers More Than 1,000 Christmas Cards in Her Village After Having Her Leg Amputated

All this little girl wants for Christmas is to make people smile—so she has taken it upon herself to hand-deliver holiday cards to more than 1,000 people.

AC/DC Frontman Helps Fund Innovative Campus So Abused Foster Siblings Can Stick Together—And Thrive

The donation will help to open a new campus for foster kids and siblings who have escaped abuse or neglect in Sarasota, Florida.