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Someone Left a Note Written From the Perspective of a Retiring Utility Pole—and It’s Weirdly Heartwarming

This utility pole is set to be retired by the end of the month—so an person took it upon themselves to write the pole's goodbye letter to the community.

This Cheap Little Device Generates Light and Electricity Simply By Harnessing the Cold Night Sky

Since solar panels can't generate any electricity at night, researchers designed this contraption to power LED lights simply by relying on cold evening air.

When Crying Student Boarded Bus for First Day of School, the Driver Held His Hand On the Way There

This is the heartwarming moment that a school bus driver helped an anxious kindergartner turn his first-day jitters into excitement.

Scientists Detect Tone Pattern in the Ringing of a Newborn Black Hole for the First Time, Proving Einstein Right Again

100 years after Einstein predicted the existence of gravitational waves, scientists have confirmed that he was right about black holes—again.

Hundreds of Strangers Rally One Morning to Grant 4-Year-old Cancer Survivor’s Birthday Wish for ‘100 Bumblebees’

This 4-year-old cancer survivor was given the surprise of a lifetime after his neighbors rallied together to provide a rainbow of yellow, one mile long, outside his house the morning of his birthday.

Engineers Have Just Finished Drilling the First Geothermal Well in the UK to Use Renewable Energy

Measuring in at 3.1 miles deep, this geothermal energy well is now the deepest and hottest well in the world.

EPA to Begin Phasing Out Animal Testing and Funding Studies for More Humane Research Methods

EPA Administrator Andrew Wheeler says that they will start the phase-out by reducing its requests for, and funding of, mammal studies by 30% before 2025.

Check Out the Jaw-Dropping Landscapes of Iceland and Greenland From a Birds-Eye View

If we didn't know any better, we would assume these jaw-dropping landscape photographs were the product of Photoshop.

Denmark Buys Country’s Last Remaining Circus Elephants for $1.6 Million So They Can Retire

The four circus elephants will now be able to live out the rest of their days in happy retirement thanks to the Danish government.

Study Says We May Be Able to Reverse Genetic Symptoms of Aging After Patients Shed 2.5 Years From Biological Clock

The study proves that there could be a groundbreaking new way to curb patients from contracting age-related diseases in the future.

Subway Officer Spent 30 Minutes Calming Boy With Autism Having a Meltdown—and They’re Now Best Friends

This compassionate police officer went above and beyond the call of duty to befriend a 4-year-old boy with autism who was suffering a meltdown on the Metro.

Deep Magnetic Stimulation Shown to Improve Symptoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

For the large amount of OCD sufferers who do not respond to modern treatments, this new therapy could be a groundbreaking source of relief.

Acid Attack Survivor Becomes First UK Citizen to Have Vision Restored With Pioneering New Surgery

After 24 years of being unable to see out of his right eye, James O'Brien's vision has finally been restored thanks to a pioneering new stem cell treatment.

Bob Ross’s Legacy is Helping Inmates Plant ‘Happy Little Trees’ Throughout State Parks

More than 500 volunteers signed up to help plant inmate-grown saplings through the state's newly-named “Happy Little Trees” program.

California Becomes First State to Ban Fur Trapping, Saving Animals and Taxpayer Dollars

In addition to legislators agreeing that fur trapping was thoroughly inhumane, the industry was also shown to be a drain on taxpayer dollars.

Anonymous Man Spent Almost $50,000 on Generators and Food for Hurricane Victims in the Bahamas

The unidentified shopper was photographed in Costco as he was buying $50,000 worth of food and generators for Hurricane Dorian victims.

These Adorable Pictures Capture the Moment an Awestruck Squirrel Stopped to Admire Some Flowers

These photos of a ground squirrel admiring some Austrian flowers are probably guaranteed to turn any frown upside down.

Blind Man Develops Smart Cane That Uses Google Maps and Sensors to Identify One’s Surroundings

The walking stick has finally been given a modern makeover thanks to some Turkish engineers who developed a smart cane for the blind.

Mexican Scientist Makes Edible, Biodegradable New Form of Plastic Out of Cactus Leaves

Professor Sandra Pascoe Ortiz, the scientist who developed the material, says that her new formula could be a sustainable replacement for plastic.

After Bullied Boy Has Terrible First Day of School, Upperclassmen Take Him Under Their Wing

When this youngster confessed to having a terrible first day of school, several high school seniors swooped in to take him under their wing.