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World Bank Doubles Funding to $200 Billion to Fight Climate Change

The impressive sum is actually double its original 5-year financial investment plan that it set in 2015.

Orphaned Elephant Returns to Human Rescuers So She Can Introduce Them to Her Newborn Calf

Despite how this momma elephant now lives in the wild, she recently visited her human rescuers so she could introduce them to her newborn calf.

Stranger Drives 7 Hours Straight So Couple on the Side of the Road Can Be With Dying Mother

Despite the journey taking over 7 hours to complete, this good Samaritan had no problem driving a stranded couple to their dying mother's bedside.

Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour Auctions Off 126 Guitars and Raises $21 Million for Climate Change Battle

After raising over $21 million through the auctioneer's block, the Pink Floyd guitarist is donating all of it to an environmental charity.

Homeless Man Protects Stolen Bike After Angry-worded Poster Shamed Thief into Returning It

Shannon Loys had expressed her frustration over someone stealing her husband's specially-modified bike – but her frustration actually helped return it.

Every US Public Library, High School, and YMCA is Getting Opioid Overdose Reversal Kits for Free

The pharmaceutical company announced this week that in addition to providing schools with Narcan kits, they would be giving them to libraries and YMCAs too.

Restaurant Offers Free Pizzas in Exchange for Groups Giving Up Their Phones During a Meal

As a means of bringing family and friends together over a hot meal, this California restaurant offers free pizzas to patrons who put away their phones.

Denmark Buys Country’s Last Remaining Circus Elephants for $1.6 Million So They Can Retire

The four circus elephants will now be able to live out the rest of their days in happy retirement thanks to the Danish government.

Watch Olympic Sprinter Run Onto Busy Highway So He Can Save Tortoise From Traffic

David Verburg doesn't just use his speed to win gold medals in the Olympics – he also uses it to save endangered tortoises.

Study Shows Patients Will Recover More Quickly When the Doctor Uses Different Words

This new study shows just how helpful an encouraging doctor can be for your recovery and health.

After His Family Passed Up Record-Breaking Clam in Aunt’s Estate, He Found Pearl Inside is Worth Millions

A Canadian man has just unveiled what may be one of the North America's rarest and most stunning treasures: a massive 61-pound pearl. The “Giga...

New Study of 1,000 Couples Shows HIV Drug Treatment Has Eliminated All Risk of Transmitting HIV Infection

This exciting new study shows that HIV-positive people on antiretroviral therapy have “zero” chances of infecting their partners.

Instead of Using Milk Cartons to Search for Missing People, Pizzeria is Attaching Lost Pet Flyers to Pizza Boxes

A New Jersey restaurant is hoping to help reunite local patrons with their furry friends by attaching missing animal flyers to their pizza boxes.

Surfing is Now One of the First Sports Requiring Equal Pay for Women – Lawmakers Are Following Suit

Surfers are making sure that male and female athletes from all different sports leagues are paid the same amount of money for their talent.

Years After Dog Dies, Nurse Starts Collecting Pacemakers From Human Patients to Give to Pets in Need

Dozens of pets are benefiting from one woman's clever recycling program between the hospital where she works and a nearby veterinary school.

Man Once Mocked for Shaving on Public Transit Has Gotten Money, Job Offers, and His Dignity Back

A mean-spirited social media video has turned into an outpouring of support for a homeless man who wanted to look nice for his family.

Woman Shares Home With 90 Rescue Animals She Named After Lord of the Rings Characters

If anything can be said about this 31-year-old dog sitter from Georgia, it's that she loves animals and she loves Lord of the Rings.

‘First-of-its-Kind’ Law Will Protect Lake Erie From Pollution By Granting it Civil Rights

Thanks to a 61% approval vote from the people of Toledo, Lake Erie now has legal protection against pollution and contamination.

170 Foxes Are Rescued From Fur Farm and Given New Home at a Buddhist Monastery

When the Buddhist monks heard that the foxes needed a new home, they were more than happy to welcome the homeless critters with open arms.

Internet-Famous ‘Crying Kid’ Proudly Agrees to Resuscitate His Notoriety for Charity Instead of Financial Gain

Rather than feeling shy about appearing in the limelight once more, this 14-year-old is using his iconic face to benefit two different charities.