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Scientists Have Developed a ‘Breakthrough’ That May Defeat Antibiotic-Resistant Bacteria

The breakthrough could bring dozen of old medications back into the game.

Policeman Moved by Plea for Parenthood Adopts Baby of Drug-Addicted Homeless Woman

When a distressed homeless woman asked him to adopt her newborn daughter, this compassionate cop did not hesitate to oblige.

We May Soon Be Able to Melt Down Plastic Waste into Fuel for Hydrogen Cars

Because the plastics don't need to be cleaned, the process would be cheaper than recycling, too.

In ‘World First’, Ultra-Cheap Printable Solar Panels Are Launched in Australia

The revolutionary technology means that signing up for an energy plan could be as simple as signing up for a new phone plan.

Teacher Goes Above and Beyond to Help Teen Mom Years After Having Her in Class

This Chicago teacher did not hesitate to help a former student after she received a message at 3 in the morning last week.

Muslims in Town Adopt a Sacred Hindu Tenet So They Won’t Hurt the Feelings of Their Religious Neighbors

The Muslim residents of this district are not forced to abstain from their practice, rather they choose to do it out of respect for their Hindu neighbors.

Beer Deliveryman Prevents Suicide on a Bridge By Offering a Cold One—While Channeling Denzel Washington

After channeling his inner Denzel Washington, a beer deliverman finally succeeded in talking down a suicidal man when he cracked open a cold one.

Opioid Crisis Breakthrough: Non-Addictive Painkiller Found Effective

This medical breakthrough could make a huge difference for the opioid crisis in America.

Put These 5 Plants In Your Bedroom Window for a Better Night’s Sleep

Studies conducted by NASA have proven that several of these plant species can lead to a better night's sleep and better air quality.

City Hires Team of Doctors to Treat Addicts on the Street Right Where They Are

A pilot study of the program has already shown success in treating drug-addicted homeless people who are eager to achieve recovery.

94-Year-old Veteran Has Spent a Decade Cheering on Students With Life Advice and Fist Bumps

Every day for the last ten years, Wally Richardson has stood outside of a local middle school so he can cheer up the youngsters with wisdom and fist bumps.

Goats Want to See You Smile, Says Adorable New Study

This new research shows that goats have a heightened sensitivity to human emotion – in other words, they love to see you smile.

Electric Shock Collars for Pets to Be Banned in England

The ban is based on evidence that shock collars can drastically worsen behavioral problems in cats and dogs.

Person Leaves Refreshingly Positive Thank You Note on Windshield of Ambulance Blocking Their Driveway

People don't often find good things tucked under their windshield wipers; which is why these paramedics were delighted by what they found earlier this week.

UN Makes ‘Historic Commitment’ to Prevent Fishing Net Abandonment – 46% of Ocean Plastic

The United Nations will reportedly be taking a new and “historic” stance against fishing nets being dumped into the ocean. Animal rights group World Animal...

Disney Offers to Pay Tuition for 80,000 Hourly Workers

The corporation is making thousands of dreams come true by offering free tuition to all of their hourly part-time and full-time employees.

Rainbow Appears Over Aretha Franklin Tribute in Detroit

The Queen of Soul spent most of her life in Detroit – so when city spectators were paying homage to her passing, they were stunned to see a rainbow appear.

Parents Have Perfect Solution to Daughter Sneakily Ordering $350 Worth of Barbies From Amazon

This mischievous 6-year-old learned a valuable lesson from her online heist earlier this month.

Pearl Jam Raises Millions for City’s Homeless, Rallies 100 Businesses to Join In

The band wanted to unite the city this week in an effort to tackle the Seattle's homelessness problem.

When Microchips Fail, Facial Recognition App is Reuniting Pets With Their Owners

The app connects hundreds of pet owners, veterinarians, and shelters together with a database of animal photos.