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‘Groundbreaking’ Type 1 Diabetes Drug Has Just Been Trialed on First Human Patients–With No Side Effects

The research facility is now looking for more adult patients to participate in the treatment.

North and South Korea Have Begun Clearing the Mines in the DMZ

The initiative is another step forward in the peace talks between North and South Korea.

18-Year-Old Drives 225 Miles to Make Pizzeria’s First and Only Delivery After Receiving Special Phone Call

Even though Steve's Pizza only does take out, this young store manager went above and beyond the call of duty to make a very special delivery.

When Teacher Asks Students to Share Supplies, Boy Offers Up Pencils With Sweet, Personal Messages

Adults are always learning from the kindness of kids – and this teacher's Facebook post about one of her students is no exception.

Company Founder Surprises Employees With $20 Million: ‘I wanted to show some gratitude’

This company founder wanted to show his employees some love for the holiday season by dolling out some serious cash.

Town Surprises Man by Replacing Truck He’s Used to Transport Veterans for 20 Years

For the last 40 years, Ron Elliott has been using a special pick-up truck to transport the bodies of dead Vietnam veterans to their...

Wrinkles May Soon Be a Thing of the Past Thanks to New Skin Cell Discovery

Not only could the discovery spell the end of aged skin, it could also serve as a stepping stone to defeating several common diseases and infections.

Island on the Brink of Disaster Plants Thousands of Trees and is Now a Poster Kid for Adapting to Climate Change

This little island has not only recovered from the brink of disaster – their conservation efforts are now helping them to thrive.

Devoted Pharmacist Hops on Snowmobile to Deliver Medications to Snowed-in Patients

This devoted pharmacist was not about to let her customers go without their essential daily medications – so she hopped on her snowmobile.

Watch ‘Lieutenant Dan’s’ Emotional Reaction to Heartfelt Thank-You Video From Veterans

Gary Sinise, the actor best known for his role as Lieutenant Dan, was recently given an emotional surprise thank you-video for his years of charity work.

Brad Paisley Breaks Ground on His Free Grocery Store for the Hungry in Nashville

The country singer and his wife say that they're launching the store as a means of reducing food insecurity in Nashville, Tennessee.

When Fire Leaves 500 Muslims Without Place of Worship, Synagogue Opens Their Doors

A New York City synagogue's act of compassion towards their Islamic neighbors has been inspiring thousands of people across social media.

When Bullied Boy Missed His Bus, He Met Police Officer Who Would Throw Him the ‘Best Birthday Party Ever’

When no one showed up to the birthday party of a 9-year-old boy, his new friends at the police department rallied behind him instead.

Pilots Are Giving Free Flights to Diverse Kids Who Need High-Flying Role Models and Mentors

Less than 10% of America's aviation workers are people of color – but these pilots are hoping to change that by taking kids under their wings.

Muslim Cab Driver Broke Strict Police Curfew to Drive Hindu Woman in Childbirth to the Hospital

An Indian cab driver is being praised for his compassionate example of “Hindu-Muslim unity” during a strict police curfew earlier this week.

Barefoot Teacher Pictured Running Ahead of Tornado to Warn Families in Carpool Lane to Take Cover

In a photo that is quickly going viral, this fourth grade school teacher can be seen running ahead of a tornado so she can warn parents in the carpool lane.

Veterans Are Finding Renewed Purpose Through Scuba Diving Missions to Protect Coral Reefs

Dozens of ex-military members are proving to be the perfect protectors for endangered coral reefs along the coast of Florida.

After $9 Was Stolen From Girl’s Lemonade Stand, Community Gives Her $350 to Pay It Forward

After a group of youngsters stole $9 from a little girl running a lemonade stand, dozens of neighbors rallied behind her charitable mission.

Company Uses NASA Tech to Make Healthy Food ‘Out of Thin Air’ Using Only CO2, Water, and Solar Electricity

This company says that they have succeeded in developing a sustainable protein powder that is made using only CO2, water, and solar energy.

Watch 5-Year-old Bust a Move at Foo Fighters Show After They Ask the ‘Wee Dude’ to Join Them On Stage

It's times like these we're thankful for this adorable video of a little boy being brought on stage to dance with his favorite band.