Two decades after the nuclear disaster at Chernobyl, when a radioactive cloud was thought to have created a nuclear dead zone, dense forests have reclaimed farm fields and town courtyards, and wildlife such as moose — and lynx, which is rarely sighted in the rest of Europe — thrive. (AP)


  1. So now lynxs are trekking around spreading mutations and radioactive material into surrounding areas! (Be sure to think of the wonderful wilderness as you swig Vokda, and cradle your mis-shaped baby!) Some theories suggest that LYME disease, which came from a genetic mutation in tics was caused by radioation leakage in the environment. The Milestone nuclear power plant was right by the very first reported case, located in LYME CONNECTICUT.
    Sorry, this is not necessarily good news. Particularly if it leads people to think that nuclear accidents are minor blips that have wonderful silver linings.

  2. The purpose of choosing this story as good news, is not as you portray.

    It was to instill or strengthen the belief that the natural world does not necessarily behave as we expect. It is able to create abundance in spite of human activity. The purpose was not to focus on the nuclear accident, which was awful, but on the natural world, which is powerful and miraculous beyond our imaginings.

    Another instance of this: check out the natural detoxifying the Great Lakes are doing — on their own, without assistance from humans (along with some other highlights environmentally, a GNN story called Healing the Globe: 11 Bright Spots)

    Such sensastional descriptions as you posted and sharing of theories may not inform as much as they incite, but you are certainly welcome to your own way of thinking and feeling.


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