Online dating can already be pretty tedious – but according to the dating app Tinder, hundreds of people are creating dating profiles so they can try and land a date on the other side of the world.

Thousands of people are paying extra money for the app’s premium services so they can use the “Passport” feature and change their locations to Pyeongchang in hopes that they’ll match with Olympic athletes staying in the Olympic villages.

The statistics are mind boggling: “Passporting” use has increased by 1,850%. The overall use of the Tinder app in the Olympic Villages has surged 348%, and there has been a 644% increase in matches.

Thrillist also reports that right-swipes have increased 565%.

According to Tinder, the United States is home to the most amount of Passporters, followed by Sweden and the United Kingdom.

So you wouldn’t need to fork over the cash to buy a plane ticket if you wanted to connect with a famous athlete on the other side of the world.

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