Dog’s Nose Senses Child‘s Health Decline From 5 Miles Away (WATCH)

Dog’s Nose Senses Child‘s Health Decline From 5 Miles Away (WATCH)

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Living up to his name, Hero the Labrador dog used his uncanny sense of smell to alert parents of a danger five miles away.

4-year-old Sadie Brooks, a Type 1 diabetic with Down syndrome, is very susceptible to her blood sugar levels rising and falling to dangerous lengths.

That’s where Hero comes in.

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The hound uses his nose to smell when Sadie’s blood sugar levels are fluctuating and alerts her parents to the changes so they can give the little girl insulin.

But what about when Sadie is more than five miles away?

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The child was in her special needs class at Deerfield Elementary School in Cedar Hills, Utah, where they test her glucose regularly. On this day, her levels were about to drop to 30 points below where they were supposed to be.

Meanwhile at home in Pleasant Grove, Hero wouldn’t stop whining: his warning sign for when Sadie’s blood sugar drops. A quick call to the classroom alerted the teacher to the health crisis. Sure enough, her glucose levels had just dropped quickly and could be boosted back to normal, averting trouble.

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