A new study says the world’s forests appear to be making a comeback, with countries like China and the US more thickly wooded than they were over 100 years ago. In the last 15 years larger trees have grown in number in 22 of the 50 most forested countries. (Reuters)


  1. Uncommon Knowledge
    It is a little known fact that there are far more trees in North America today than a century ago.

    Human intervention, in the form of wild fire control and cultivation of new forest, sent the gross volume of trees through the ceiling.

    The real tragedy is the death of very, old growth forest, mostly due to diseases introduce from foreign countries via trade.

    An Asian fungus, first noticed in 1904, wiped out the American Chestnut tree throughout the east. The Chestnut was 5 feet wide, with wood as straight and strong as Redwood. I can picture the 100 foot trees towering over everything in the Blue Ridge
    mountains of NC. We are only left with pictures.

    Hopefully, the American public will focus less on logging, and much, much more on funding research and staffing to fight foriegn, tree parsites and fungi. Of course, fungi do not belong to a political party, so their is no money in demonizing it….


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