GNN has partnered with a company to bring you better health in your gut—and we’re offering a Father’s Day discount to help you pay for it.

A Silicon Valley company, and its team of scientists, has created an at-home test kit that can analyze your gut to understand what is causing inflammation, the root cause of many chronic diseases. They say there is no such thing as a universally-healthy food: What’s healthy for one person can be inflammatory for another.

Viome calls itself the only company with the technology to help you identify what is actually happening in your gut — your ‘microbiome’ — where trillions of microbes act together. “If you want to optimize your health, avoid or heal chronic diseases, or know which foods are right for you, understanding your microbiome is the first step.”

At-home test kits from Viome, provide a way to start your own data-gathering process. And, they’re offering a $50 discount to all Good News Network readers during the next week.

The company uses a technique called meta-transcriptome sequencing to identify all the microorganisms living in your gut, from bacteria and viruses to fungi, yeast, parasites and bacteriophages. With this data, Viome recommends personalized foods and supplements you can buy on grocery shelves to optimize your microbial function.

Learn more at Viome, or read the GNN article, 10 Amazing Things You Can Learn From Your Poop.

GNN will receive a commission on every sale, so it’s a Win-Win!

I know how many people suffer from IBS and many other inflammatory issues, and we hope this might be a solution. Wishing you good health on Father’s Day and every day. – The GNN team

(Photo by jpalinsad360, CC license)

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