A homeless man has been given a job and a roof over his head thanks to a teenager who saw his impassioned plea.

In a bid to find himself a job, 37-year-old Anthony Johnson posted a “Work Wanted” sign at a Hastings bus stop in Sussex, England.

The sign read: “I will do a trial for free to show how I work. I don’t take drugs or drink. I will also do dog walking/minding, window cleaning, shopping, gardening, car valeting/washing, housework, cooking.”

“Anything to earn a living and make life seem worth living,” he added.

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Luckily, the note was spotted by 16-year-old Charlotte Howard. After she snapped some photos of Johnson’s sign and tent, she posted them to social media and started a GoFundMe page in hopes of drumming up enough cash to buy him a used caravan.

Over the course of the next 10 days, the campaign surged past its original goal and raised over $3,100 (£2,300).

Since a local charity was inspired to donate a caravan to Johnson, the money is being used to provide him with supplies, food, and additional resources to make up for the last nine years of living on the streets.

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Not only that, a local landscaper contacted Johnson about starting a home repair business.

Johnson says that the outpouring of support and compassion has left him overwhelmed with gratitude – especially towards Charlotte.

“It’s not like I haven’t previously been asking for help but all it takes is an open-minded person like Charlotte to come along and help,” Johnson told the Hastings Observer. “She saw me and recognized my position and decided she wanted to do something to help.

“I wouldn’t have got anywhere looking for a job if it wasn’t for her,” he added. “She really is incredible.”

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