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Just over a decade ago, beekeepers began reporting disturbing declines in honeybee populations. Bees, they said, were leaving the hive and not returning. The phenomenon, now known as colony collapse disorder, is alarming not only because of the central role bees play in plant life around the world—and thus most other life—but also because no one…

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  1. Some uplifting stories from Newsweek — too bad you have to get them through Repubhub / icopyright and give more exposure to their unpleasant ads.

    Why don’t you see if you can get the articles straight from Newsweek? Or at the least, let Newseek know that their content is being used to spread distasteful ads. The Newsweek name is appearing under the ads as if to endorse them, which I’m sure Newsweek would not be happy about.

    • Unfortunately, they, like so many other media companies, don’t care much about what the user is subjected to. They need to make money. Our block filters are severe in terms of the content we allow in ads, compared to Newsweek. RepubHub allows us to reprint it for free without even notifying the publisher — all done automatically. 🙂