US Soldiers Win Town for Afghans, Ousting Taliban (Video)

US Soldiers Win Town for Afghans, Ousting Taliban (Video)

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soldier-clears-taliban-afghan.jpg People who had fled the town of Nawa can reclaim their lives again after hundreds of US Marines took several casualties during their surge to oust the Taliban from the rural area.

Soldiers have offered construction jobs to men who are rebuilding the ghost town. The ice cream man has returned and recently the town was honored by a visit from the governor.

Good news for Nawa, thanks to the Marines.

Watch the video below, or at MSNBC




  1. I realize not everyone wants to see a story like this, in which people are killed, but I believe the soldiers who are working in Afghanistan do want the news to be broadcast of their achievements and good work. They are heroes to many.

    Kudos to NBC for running this story last night and for covering the more optimistic news in a war zone.

  2. Geri,
    This IS good news!!! No news will ever be ‘perfectly’ suited for everyone’s outlook/view on certain situations.

    Thanks for sharing — the GOOD that is being done in Afghanistan gets lost in the shuffle and our troops should at least be recognized for the change for ‘objective’ good they are trying to create.