When a man had kidnapped his daughter away from her rightful guardians, she was finally found three weeks later thanks to the efforts of a UK man – and the promise of free pizza.

After a legal battle found that 4-year-old Yvette Henley’s father was unable to care for her, her grandparents of Hesperia, California were granted custody.

They were never able to take custody, however, due to Yvette and her father’s disappearance following the ruling.

As police struggled to find the youngster, they asked Harry Brown for help: a 21-year-old Surrey man who happened to be Facebook friends with Virgil.

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The two had originally met on the internet some time earlier, and they had struck up a conversation in the past. Police reached out to Brown in particular because he was only one of three people who had liked a profile picture of the kidnapper some months earlier.

Brown then started chatting up Virgil in hopes of getting the location of his hiding place.

Virgil eventually revealed that he was holed up in an Arizona motel with Yvette and his girlfriend.

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Brown then asked if he could send Virgil a pizza at the hotel, to which the father gleefully accepted, offering up the exact room number and address of the hotel.

When police later showed up at the room, they arrested Virgil and sent Yvette back to the loving home of her grandparents.

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