Moose Gives Birth in Lowe’s Parking Lot (Video)

Moose Gives Birth in Lowe’s Parking Lot (Video)

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moose gives birth in parking lot-KTUU video

Could it be that the only grassy patch this mama moose could find in Anchorage, Alaska was this small swatch between parked cars at a hardware store?

Apparently it was the best place, at the time, to give birth—and fortunate for a crowd who gathered to witness the miracle of birth last Tuesday that it was at their local Lowe’s.

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One of the onlookers, owner of the Jeep parked right next to the moose, volunteered to get a ride home with a friend, so the mama could continue encouraging her calf to walk within a somewhat sheltered space.

(WATCH the story below from KTUU News)

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