A One-Man Stimulus Package

A One-Man Stimulus Package

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alabama-stimulus-man.jpgA pharmacist in Alabama gave his staff $16,000 in bonuses to help stimulate the economy. The bonuses came with two catches: 15 percent must be spent on charity, and the rest should be spent locally. He paid them in $2 bills, so they would be noticed as they were passed from hand to hand in the town.

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  1. I agree. Looking outward for answers only brings one back to the queston…..what can I do each day to help others through these times….no matter how you define it……a smile, a kind word or deed is powerful. pay it forward

  2. If we can encourage people to spend money locally on products that originate from the US it stimulates the economy most. Can’t find products in the malls or big box stores from the USA? Go out for a special dinner or for a weekend getaway to a nice hotel or to a local spa for a little pampering.