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Lost for 12 years, a Prodigal Father is Found

After a Los Angeles Times columnist wrote about Eddie Dotson -- a 67-year-old man living in an elaborate shelter under a freeway overpass...

Free Entry to National Parks on Three Weekends This Summer

You’ll get free entry to Yosemite, Grand Canyon, Yellow Stone and 144 other national parks on three weekends this summer, including Father's Day...

Randy Jackson: Dad Of The Year (Video)

The National Father's Day Council names Randy Jackson from American Idol and Mark Shriver from Save The Children as Fathers Of The Year. They...

Thanksgiving: A Seasonal RItual Tying Us to the Earth

I love celebrations that serve to remind us about important aspects of our lives. Mother's Day and Father's Day celebrate two of the most...
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How to Get Closer to Your Dad (Book Review)

Like many people's relationship with their father, mine has never been very close. Yet, if he died today I would be very sorry I...