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Beautiful Music Video Made by Strangers Across the Globe Shows How Technology Can Be Used For Good In The World

Earlier this year, I was honored to deliver the closing talk at Italy’s largest TEDx event. My goal was to show that when used...

World’s Second Largest Coral Reef Has Just Been Removed From Endangered List

The historic conservational victory is credited towards the government's defiant stance against oil drilling and unsustainable practices.

Solar-Powered, Weed-Killing Robots Could Save Farmers Billions of Dollars on Herbicides

Instead of charging farmers money for blindly spraying an entire crop field with herbicide, these autonomous robots are ready to disrupt a multi-billion dollar agrochemical industry.

Ordinary Black American Didn’t Set Out to Change the World, But Did

On the first day of February, we want to take you beyond the stars of Black History Month–Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King, Jr., and...

Holocaust Survivor Indebted to American Troops Donates $1Mil: ‘First they saved us. Then … they welcomed us’

83-year-old Bernard Darty has always felt indebted to the US troops who took back Normandy – so now, he is finally giving back.

You May Spot ‘Forrest Gump’ Recreating the Iconic Cross Country Journey

Robert “just started running” the iconic cross-country route pictured in Forrest Gump – and he is doing it all for charity.

Women Who Served in Vietnam are Happier and Healthier Than Average American Female

Though it may seem counterintuitive, new research shows that American women who were shipped overseas to Vietnam are currently more happy than the average...

Hundreds of Whimsical Scarecrows Line the Streets of Amazing California Town

You may have seen scarecrows erected in farmers’ fields to ward off pests, but if you run into these lifelike sculptures on a dark...

American Teen Graduation Rate Reaches Historic High

Thanks to more positive reform for academic legislation, the USA now has an 83.2% graduation rate amongst high schoolers of all race and background.

Louisiana Black Bear Removed From Endangered Species List

The Louisiana black bear is the state mammal for Louisiana, and it is one of 16 subspecies of the American black bear. While the...

Veteran Reunites With Abandoned Kitten He Cared For In Baghdad (Video)

This cat isn't your ordinary American pet... He was rescued all the way across the world in Iraq.

80% of New England Forests, Once Cleared for Farmland, Have Come Back

Trees have made a stunning comeback across New England, branching out to take over millions of acres of former farmland, and leading to a...

Thriving Yellowstone Grizzlies to Leave the Endangered Species List

With the abundance of grizzlies making a comeback in Yellowstone National Park, the hefty mammals might be off the list for good.

Farmer Returns 700 Acres of California Coast to Native American Tribe

A California landowner is returning his family farm to a neighboring Native American tribe that was forced inland, away from their breathtaking coastline, 150...

John Williams (Star Wars) is First Composer Honored With AFI Lifetime Achievement Award

For the first time in AFI history, America’s highest honor for a career in film will be bestowed upon a composer–John Williams, who has...

Homebound Elderly Across America Will Get The Gift of Puppy Love

Many homebound elderly people are deprived of the simple joys of puppy love, but this heartbreaking fact is about to change for some American...

Treasury Announces New Steps To Reduce Corporate Tax Dodges

The U.S. Treasury announced steps on Monday to reduce the number of American companies who are dodging taxes by moving their parent companies overseas. "These...

5 Dogs Honored for Canine Excellence

Five inspirational dogs have been honored with the American Kennel Club's 15th annual Awards for Canine Excellence (ACE). The award is presented to those that best exemplify the...

‘Son of a Marine’ Inspired by Soldier Riding a Horse Across US

Jesse Jackson is a Miami musician whose dad fought in WWII. Yesterday, June 15th, was the 70th anniversary of his father's landing at the...

Electric Car Blazes a 12,000 Mile Trail Across US

In the tradition of American travelers piling into their gas-guzzling cars and road tripping across the country, Norman Hajjar is setting out to prove...