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When Football Fans Destroy Young Man’s Car, Community Immediately Rallies to Restore It

A young man's car fell victim to some rowdy football fans earlier this week, but in the spirit of good sportsmanship, fellow fans and...

Forgiving the Unforgivable: Mom Worked With Daughter’s Killers to Bring Hope to a Desperate Community

One of the most remarkable stories of forgiveness had its sad beginning 25 years ago this month, so we reached out to the California...

Woman’s Sudden, Dramatic Birth On Her Front Lawn Brings Whole Community Together

Up until this month, the only thing these community members had in common was that they “lived on the same street” – but now...

Robot Becomes Part of the Community After Easing Daily Burden of Water Collection in Remote Village

“Husky” the robot was sent to help villagers in rural southern India – and his handiness made him a welcomed part of the community.

When Man’s Christmas Light-Covered Car is Fined $232, Community Pays it Instead

Even though this police officer was following some Grinchey protocol about Christmas cheer, the community made sure that Brandon Wooden didn't have to worry about paying a hefty ticket before the holidays.

Theft of Food From Cat Charity Spurs Community to Donate Enough Supply For 2 Years

After a particularly “callous” theft left a cat charity without any pet food for their 34 homeless felines, they became inundated with donations from...

Veteran With PTSD is Creating Free Tiny House Community for Others Like Him

This Air Force veteran was taught that he should never leave a man behind – and that is exactly the creed behind his new...

Community Shows Up in Full Force to Love Hero Dog in His Final Hours

Losing a furry friend is always hard – but this goodbye in particular was especially hard for Lance Corporal Jeff DeYoung. When DeYoung was just 19...

Sikh Community Saves Town’s Fourth of July Celebration

This town's Sikh community was more than happy to foot the bill for their Independence Day celebration.

English Village Asks Arab Prime Minister to Help Buy Community Center – and He Said Yes

Though there may be miles of separation between this little English village and the bustling city of Dubai, they may be closer in spirit...

Community Buys a Drink for 999 First Responders in Manchester to Say Thanks

Thanks to the wonders of technology, people have been offering up the most common gesture of gratitude to paramedics, police officers, and hospital workers who...

Community Helps Blind Lady Who Spent Savings on Sick Miniature Guide Pony

Panda the miniature guide pony and her blind owner Ann Edie have been together for 14 years – so when Panda fell sick one...

Trust in Community Leads to Better Long-term Decisions Among the Poor

No man is an island – no matter how much money you have. This new study from Princeton University finds that low-income individuals who trust...

Polish Community Honors Injured Man Who Protected Teen From Gang Attack

Amo Singh is being hailed as a hero by the Polish community for his heroic interference with a gang attack in progress. On March 26th,...

Teacher Given $1Mil Prize For Life-changing Work in Isolated Arctic Community

Canadian middle and high school teacher Maggie MacDonnell beat out thousands of applicants for the world's best teacher prize this week thanks to her...

Tennessee to Become Only State Offering Free Community College For Adults

Tennessee is already revered for providing free community college to recent high school graduates – but now, Governor Haslam is pushing for their program...

Community Searches For Child Who Launched Xmas Balloon For Dad in Heaven

When Stuart McColl found a mysterious letter attached to a balloon in Scotland, he posted on social media to help the boy's dreams come true.

Watch the Tears as Community Pays For Beloved Crossing Guard’s Prosthetic Repairs

For ten years, Fetene has managed the same intersection despite his prosthetic limb now in need of repair – so the community decided to lend a hand.

Veterans Treated by Community Health Centers Increases by 43%

Over 1,500 Veteran Association approved community health center locations help improve access to care for veterans across the country.

Meet The Woman Inspiring a Community of ‘Kindness Warriors’

Cate Cook started taking compassionate action in her community in hopes of inspiring a few others – now there's an army of kindness warriors behind her.