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City Hires Team of Doctors to Treat Addicts on the Street Right Where They Are

A pilot study of the program has already shown success in treating drug-addicted homeless people who are eager to achieve recovery.

To Repent for Their Part in Patient Hardship, Doctors Team Up to Forgive $1.4 Million in Medical Debt

The coalition of doctors and nurse practitioners wanted to atone for their part in causing financial distress amongst their patients.

On a Hunch, Doctor Gives HPV Vaccine to Advanced Skin Cancer Patient and Dozens of Tumors Disappear

There has been very little research on whether an HPV vaccine could combat skin tumors, but this doctor decided to act on her hunch anyway.

The Sight of Legless Girl Walking With Tin Cans Spurs Good Samaritan Doctor to Make Sure She Walks Tall

This 8-year-old Syrian refugee has been given a whole new lease on life after a Turkish doctor saw photos of her using tin cans for prosthetic legs.

One Month After Med School, He Was the Only Doctor Aboard Overseas Flight to Save Woman’s Life

Dean LaBarba had only finished with school one month before his skills were put to the test on a 12-hour flight over the Atlantic Ocean.

Doctor Treats His Town With Charlie Chaplin Movies Because ‘Laughter is the Best Medicine’

According to this Indian doctor, no contagious sickness can withstand the contagious effects of Charlie Chaplin-induced laughter.

Girl Given Months to Live is Saved Thanks to Determined Mom Emailing 130 Doctors for Help

After six months of unsuccessful chemotherapy, Linke Nel was told that she would not live until her second birthday. Her mom, on the other hand, believed otherwise.

Instead of Motherhood Claiming Crucial Physicians, Tech Connects Stay-at-Home Doctors to the Poor

The innovative project has already helped female doctors treat over 550,000 needy patients across the country.

Toddler Wakes Up Right When Parents Agree to Remove Life Support, Doctors Call it Easter Miracle

Dylan's parents were about to unplug their toddler from life support – but then they all witnessed what doctors called an Easter miracle.

Doctors on a Plane Save Woman’s Life by Constructing Makeshift Ventilator Out of Nearby Parts

When an elderly plane passenger went into respiratory arrest on the plane, there was no ventilator to keep oxygen pumping into her lungs – so these two heroic doctors built their own.

Doctors Turn Down Pay Raise So Their Fellow Health Care Workers Can Get a Raise Instead

Over 250 doctors and physicians rejected a proposed pay raise so they could pass the funds towards hardworking nurses and clerks instead.

Doctor Stuns With Extraordinary Singing Voice Between Surgeries: ‘Music is Medicine’

Dr. Francois sings in the hospital whenever he can because he believes that music can uplift his patients and his medical staff, too.

You Will Laugh and Cry Over Dad Bringing Newborn to Doctor’s Appointment

While some parents might be more experienced with taking their kids to the doctor, the video of this first-time father reacting to his newborn...

Doctor Speeds Down Burning Highway On Motorcycle At 2am To Evacuate 8 Preemies From NICU

While Dr. Scott Witt was at home one night he received a shocking phone call. “I got a call at 2AM basically saying that there...

Watch Coma Survivor Stand Up to Kiss His Wife for the First Time After Doctors Doubted He Would Live

Just days before his fifth wedding anniversary, Jonny Grant was the victim of a car accident that left him in a coma. Doctors were...

Thousands of Indian Doctors Fight Sexism by Delivering Baby Girls For Free

Since this compassionate doctor started his efforts to challenge sexism seven years ago, 17,000 other medical officials have joined him on his mission to change...

Israeli Doctors Help Deaf Palestinian Kids Hear For First Time

Thanks to a program that works to build healthier peaceful international relationships, 16 Palestinian children are now able to hear after being given cochlear implants...

Brain Scans May Help Doctors Predict Adolescents Drug Use Before it Starts

There's an idea out there of what a drug-addled teen is supposed to look like: impulsive, unconscientious, smart, perhaps - but not the most...

Woman Couldn’t Live With Her Lungs – so Doctors Removed Them in ‘World First’

Melissa Benoit has lived with cystic fibrosis her whole life – and if it weren't for a daring double-transplant procedure, the condition would have...

Baby Wakes From Coma as Doctors Were Ready To Turn Off Life Support (Video)

Medical officials were positive that little Marwa wasn't ever going to come off of life support and that her parents should give up – and then she awoke.