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Celebrity Chefs Are Serving Up Thousands of Meals to California Firefighters and Evacuees

Companies, celebrities, and television chefs are all coming together to assist in the wake of the California wildfires.

Watch Baseball Playoff Winners and Celebrities Play Ping-Pong in Dodger Stadium to Lift Kids From Trafficking

LISTEN to this story in our podcast, told by The Good News Guru (the GNN Founder) on Friday’s radio broadcast with Ellen K on KOST-103.5 — Or, READ the story below… (Subscribe...

In the Market for a New Vehicle? Here Are Some Options for Joining the Electric Car Revolution

I’m getting ready to get an electric car now that my clunker is getting on in age. What’s the latest and greatest? And is now a good time to buy an EV?

This New Hyperloop Pod is Set to Whisk Passengers Between Cities at 760mph

We are now one step closer to being able to take ground transportation from Los Angeles to San Francisco in less than thirty minutes.

Thousands of Leading AI Researchers Sign Pledge Against Lethal Robots

Over 2,400 leading leading scientists and researchers specializing in artificial intelligence have taken a firm stance against wielding their technology in a lethal way. Demis...

Tesla’s Giant Record-Breaking Battery Shows Stunning Success By Saving Consumers Millions

In just four months, Tesla's record-breaking lithium ion battery has proven to be a faster, cheaper, and environmentally-friendly backup for the South Australian grid.

How Volcanoes Could Be Used to Build Energy Efficient Cities of the Future

These MIT researchers found that using volcanic resources to build cities isn't just cheaper – it is better for the environment as well.

Look at This Quick Guide to the Habits, Advice, and Inspiration of the World’s Most Successful Women

This infographic is all about the habits of the world's most influential women and how they believe other women can find success as well.

How to Stay Ultra Inspired All of the Time

Title: How to Stay Ultra Inspired The Lesson: What do geniuses like Leonardo de Vinci, Elon Musk, and Steve Jobs all have in common? The...

In Historic Announcement, World Bank Says it Will No Longer Finance Oil and Gas Exploration

The World Bank currently gives about $1 billion in annual loans to oil and gas companies. By 2019, that funding will go towards alternative energy instead.

Check Out the 10 Most Amazing Acts of Kindness on GNN For World Kindness Day

Here are your 10 favorite stories of kindness from 2017, with everything from acts of celebrity compassion to sheltering dozens of stray dogs from the snow.

When Girl Asks For a Day Off For Dad, Google Gives Her Something Better #TBT

“Can you please make sure when daddy goes to work, he gets one day off?” wrote little Katie. “It is summer, you know.”

Tesla Restores Power to Puerto Rican Children’s Hospital– And That’s Not All

Saying that you CAN do something is not the same as ACTUALLY doing something. Alternative energy company Tesla knows the difference—and they’re actively making...

Clean Water Lands in Puerto Rico Thanks to Solar-Powered Filtration

The solar-powered, military-grade water filters can clean thousands of gallons of water – and they are now being used to help Puerto Rican families.

How an Apple Watch Saved a Man’s Life

An app on James Green's Apple Watch sent him a notification last week that ended up saving his life.

Google Company to Restore Cell Coverage to Puerto Rico With 30 Flying Balloons

While Hurricanes Maria and Irma have left Puerto Rico almost entirely without cell coverage, help may be on the way in the form of...

Tesla Remotely Extends Range of its Vehicles in Florida to Help Hurricane Irma Evacuees

Tech giant Tesla has just assisted Floridian homeowners in fleeing the evacuation zone of Hurricane Irma – and gave up a couple thousand dollars of...

City Remembers Beloved Costco Co-founder Who Treated Employees With Dignity

The business pioneer who co-founded Costco is being remembered today around the country, but particularly in the Seattle area where he opened his first...

Strangers Buy Car For Youth Who Walks 3 Miles to Work Every Day

This 20-year-old had such an impressive work ethic, the community decided to reward him for his diligence with a big surprise. It all started when...

Youth Melts Internet Hearts, Escorting Fearful Senior Down the Escalator

This photo of a 23-year-old helping a frightened senior down an escalator is restoring people's faith in humanity. The image was posted by Paula Piccard...