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pregnant woman - Photo by R Montiel-morguefile

Teen Pregnancies Plummet in Canada, US, England and Wales

The rate of teen pregnancies in Canada dropped 36.9 percent between 1996 and 2006, according to research released today by the Sex Information and...

New England Poised to be Key Wind Energy Player

New England is primed to ride a tailwind of advancements in wind turbines for both small and large systems, with the help of...

I’m Back from England and Rome!

I am back from two wonderful weeks touring Rome and England. Thanks to my summer intern, Cristina Frick, we were able to pre-publish...

Free Swimming for all in England By 2012

The government has announced plans to offer free use of England's swimming pools to get more people active. Beginning this year the opportunity will...

More Cash to Beat School Bullies in England

"An extra £3 million is being put into anti-bullying schemes in England where older pupils are trained to step in to resolve conflicts and...

90-Year-Old Rock Band Takes England By Storm (Video)

Meet The Zimmers, the oldest rock group in the world. Lead singer Alf is 90 and anchors this amazing cover of The Who's My...

10-Year-old Has Been Donating Hundreds of Pajamas and Books for Children Spending the Holidays in Shelters

Dominic has been collecting donations for the last three years so that children spending Christmas in London shelters can still enjoy some holiday magic.

Good News in History, December 4

Happy Birthday to actor Jeff Bridges, who turns 70 years old today. His portrayal of ‘The Dude’ in the 1998 cult classic The Big...

UK Supermarket Chain Provides Free Car Charging Network to EV Owners While They Shop

As a means of encouraging UK residents to buy EVs, Tesco has installed thousands of charging points for their shoppers to top off their batteries for free.

Once Numbering Less Than 400, Majestic Bukhara Deer Return To The Wilds Of Kazakhstan

In a bid to reestablish tigers in the area, five Bukhara deer have stepped foot onto central Kazakhstan soil, where they‘ve been absent for 100 years.

Good News in History, November 30

145 years ago today, the famed British Prime Minister Winston Churchill was born. Though he developed a lisp and stutter while spending a lot...

Man Transforms His Pub into the Most Festive Bar in All of UK So He Can Raise Money for Sick Children

With more than 60,000 Christmas lights and towering sculptures made of beer bottles, this may be the most festive pub in all of Great Britain.

Good News in History, November 24

160 years ago today, the British naturalist and geologist Charles Darwin published On the Origin of Species explaining his theory of evolution. The first edition—which...

Humpback Whale Population Bounces Back From Near-Extinction—From Just 450, to Over 25,000

Thanks to whaling protections put in place, the South Atlantic humpback whale population has rebounded to its former numbers from the early 1900s.

Endangered Seal and Sea Lion Populations Turned Around By Fishermen Who See the Creatures in a New Way

Fishermen in Peru have turned around a decimated sea lion and seal population in Peru, after seeing the creatures in a new way.

Hope on Horizon for Escaped ‘Russian Spy Whale‘ After Video of Its Rugby Skills Goes Viral

Since this video of Hvaldimir the beluga whale went viral last week, people are now rallying to help relocate the lonely cetacean to safer waters.

After Miracle Baby Wakes From Coma Smiling At His Dad, Thousands Rally to Help Save His Life

Just after this 14-week-old baby awoke from a coma, he smiled at his dad—and his heart-melting expression has raised thousands of dollars for his treatment.

Rabbit-Sized ‘Mouse Deer’ Rediscovered in Vietnam After Being Lost to Science Since 1990

It has been 29 years since the silver-backed chevrotain was last recorded in the forests of southern Vietnam—and it has finally been rediscovered.

Good News in History, November 11

65 years ago today, J. R. R. Tolkien’s The Two Towers was first published. The second volume in The Lord of the Rings trilogy,...

London School Transforms Poor Performance by Giving Every Student a Violin—Thanks to Andrew Lloyd Webber

The inner city Frederick Bremer School in London has gone from worst to first after giving violins and flutes to every student, Thanks to Andrew Lloyd Webber.