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Watch Chick-Fil-A Worker Jump Out of Drive Thru Window to Free Choking Boy From Tangled Seatbelt

A young Chick-Fil-A employee managed to use his pocketknife to free a choking boy who had gotten tangled in his seatbelt.

Homeless Dad Receives Flood of Support After Woman Tried to Facebook Shame Him for Sleeping in McDonalds

A woman's frustrated Facebook post turned out to be a blessing in disguise for a homeless dad who has been struggling to make ends meet.

Uber Driver Changed Veteran’s Life After She Took Him Home and Saw His ‘Deplorable’ Living Conditions

An Uber driver has transformed the life of an 89-year-old widower whose house had fallen into disrepair and squalor following the death of his wife.

After Mailman Puts Off Retirement Out of Love for Neighbors, Hundreds of People Send Him on Dream Vacation

People have been so moved by a mailman's relationship with his town, hundreds of strangers have rallied to send him to Hawaii for his retirement.

When Mom Wanted to Build Walker for Her Son, Home Depot Workers Sent Them for Ice Cream and Got to Work

When Christian Moore told these employees what she was planning on building for her son, the workers gently ushered her out the door and got to work.

Good News in History, May 28

Happy 75th Birthday to Gladys Knight, the singer, songwriter, actress, businesswoman, and author. She won two Grammys in one year with her group Gladys...

Good News in History, May 26

20 years ago today, the Manchester United Football Club completed an unprecedented Treble—a triple-trophy year, winning the English Premier League, the FA Cup, and...

Watch Billionaire Tell College Grads He Will Pay Off All $40 Million of Their Collective Student Loan Debt

When this billionare investor was finishing up his commencement speech for Morehouse College's graduating seniors, he unveiled an astonishing surprise gift.

Shaquille O’Neal Gives Teen 10 Pairs of New Size 18 Shoes to Pay Forward Childhood Good Deed

When Shaq was in high school, a shoe store owner gave him a free pair of size 18 loafers for prom – and now, the NBA legend is paying the good deed forward.

Years After Dog Dies, Nurse Starts Collecting Pacemakers From Human Patients to Give to Pets in Need

Dozens of pets are benefiting from one woman's clever recycling program between the hospital where she works and a nearby veterinary school.

After Decades of Curiosity, Adopted Woman Plans Road Trip to Meet Her Newly-Discovered 22 Siblings

This 48-year-old woman had always wondered about her biological family – but upon discovering she now has 22 siblings, she plans on meeting all of them.

Watch 800 Elementary School Students Stage Big Surprise for Their Janitor on His 80th Birthday

These youngsters could not contain their excitement when it came time to wish their beloved janitor a happy birthday at school.

Good News in History, April 13

40 years ago today, the longest doubles table tennis match finally ended. Lasting more than four days, the ping pong marathon involved four Americans:...

Another US State Has Just Made Shelter Pets Their Official State Animal

The designation is expected to encourage state residents to adopt animals from local shelters, rather than buying them from breeders.

Rather Than Party on Spring Break, 19-Year-old Tourist Picked Up Trash From Miami Beaches

Joshua Caraway could have spent his spring break partying with his friends, but instead, he spent his vacation picking up leftover trash.

Contraceptive Jewelry Could Be Discreet New Method of Birth Control for Women Around the World

Contraceptive jewelry could prove to be a more conspicuous and appealing method of birth control for women – especially in different countries.

When College Senior Couldn’t Find Someone to Watch His Baby Daughter, Professor Lends a Hand

This 34-year-old college professor did not hesitate to take on babysitting duties for one of his students despite being in the middle of teaching a lecture.

Woman Awarded $10,000 for Examining Insurance Contract – Shows it Pays to Read the Fine Print

This teacher was awarded $10,000 for reading a paragraph that was buried on the last page of a 4000-word insurance contract.

Video of Teacher Goes Viral After He’s Admired For Putting Young Student’s Hair in a Ponytail

A 34-year-old teacher is warming hearts across social media after his teaching assistant caught footage of him helping a kindergarten student with her hair. Jonathan...

Woman Shares Home With 90 Rescue Animals She Named After Lord of the Rings Characters

If anything can be said about this 31-year-old dog sitter from Georgia, it's that she loves animals and she loves Lord of the Rings.