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Ex-Baseball Pitcher Becomes the New Gratitude Guru

After baseball pitcher Mike Robbins left behind professional baseball -- and his self-pity -- after an injury, he embarked on a new path of...

A Daily Dose of Awe and Gratitude

Most of us wake up thinking about how we are going to meet obligations or fulfill our promises to other people. We begin our...

REMINDER: Free Tele-Seminar March 4, Finding Gratitude in the Toughest Situations

RESENTMENT CAN BLOCK OUR HAPPINESS! Next Sunday "gratitude author" Harry Tucker and I will be on the phone with our GNN readers discussing how...

Free Tele-Seminar March 4- Find the Gratitude in Your Life, Despite the Conditions

FREE TELE-SEMINAR: Join me and my special guest, Harry Tucker, on Sunday, March 4 at 8:30 pm EST, for a discussion on gratitude. Find...

Gratitude: Accepting Ourselves for the Beautiful People We Are

As far as understanding ourselves is concerned, many of us need to work harder at accepting ourselves for the beautiful people that we are. It...

Gratitude: Becoming Grateful Enough to Miss the Negative

Most of us live in a part of the world blessed with abundance on every level – food, water, shelter, life's frills, employment opportunities,...
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Gratitude Comes Through Service

Part 5 in our series on gratitude: The I in gratitude represents involvement in our community. Involvement shows that we are grateful for what...
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Live As If You Only Had a Month: Gratitude Part 4

In our continuing series, GNN-i looks at Gratitude and how it is essential for creating the life you want. Harry Tucker uses the letters...

Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude: Living Responsibly

(Editor's Note) Happy Thanksgiving to all our American readers. In that spirit comes the second article in a series about cultivating an Attitude of...

An Attitude of Gratitude and the Mechanic who Saved My Day

From a young age, we are taught (forced) to say please, thank you and you’re welcome whenever the opportunity presents itself because it is...

Stranger Who Taught Grieving Man to Tie a Tie for Dad’s Funeral Attends the Service to Pay His Respects

A grieving man has found new friendship and support in an older Walmart shopper who helped teach him to tie a tie in the aisles of the store.

This is the Moment Two Jewish Cousins Were Reunited After 75 Years of Believing the Other Had Died in WWII

This emotional reunion between two WWII survivors has been 75 years in the making. 87-year-old Morris Sana and 85-year-old Simon Mairowitz are cousins who grew...

CEO Who Raised the Minimum Salary of His Employees to $70K is Now Doing It All Over Again

Dan Price is making headlines again after he announced that he would be opening a new office in Idaho—and all the employees would get pay raises.

Police Officer Helps to Shave Homeless Man’s Face in the Rain After Seeing Him Struggle Without a Mirror

When this compassionate Detroit police officer saw a homeless man struggling to shave his face in the rain, he did not hesitate to offer a helping hand.

They Texted the Wrong Number, But it Inspired a Total Stranger to Collect Gifts for Boy in a Hospital

When this text message was sent to the wrong number, it reached the right kind of stranger who was willing to help a family in need.

Hundreds of Strangers Rally One Morning to Grant 4-Year-old Cancer Survivor’s Birthday Wish for ‘100 Bumblebees’

This 4-year-old cancer survivor was given the surprise of a lifetime after his neighbors rallied together to provide a rainbow of yellow, one mile long, outside his house the morning of his birthday.

Subway Officer Spent 30 Minutes Calming Boy With Autism Having a Meltdown—and They’re Now Best Friends

This compassionate police officer went above and beyond the call of duty to befriend a 4-year-old boy with autism who was suffering a meltdown on the Metro.

Good News in History, September 8

Happy Birthday to the singer-songwriter Pink, who turns 40 years old today. Before fame, she dreamed of being an Olympic athlete from Pennsylvania, but...

When Farmer Saw His Community Needed a New Road, He Picked Up His Tools and Built One Himself

When this 44-year-old farmer saw his neighbors struggling to maneuver through their village, he took it upon himself to build a whole new road.

Flight Crew and Passengers in First Class All Welcome Boy With Autism During Mid-Flight Meltdown

This Texas mom was overwhelmed with gratitude for the flight attendants and first class passengers who befriended her son during a difficult flight home.