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Encourage Gratitude in Your Young

An important but seldom-taught lesson is the value of gratitude. In a culture like ours, where the norm is always to want more,...
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Ex-Baseball Pitcher Becomes the New Gratitude Guru

After baseball pitcher Mike Robbins left behind professional baseball -- and his self-pity -- after an injury, he embarked on a new path of...

A Daily Dose of Awe and Gratitude

Most of us wake up thinking about how we are going to meet obligations or fulfill our promises to other people. We begin our...

REMINDER: Free Tele-Seminar March 4, Finding Gratitude in the Toughest Situations

RESENTMENT CAN BLOCK OUR HAPPINESS! Next Sunday "gratitude author" Harry Tucker and I will be on the phone with our GNN readers discussing how...

Free Tele-Seminar March 4- Find the Gratitude in Your Life, Despite the Conditions

FREE TELE-SEMINAR: Join me and my special guest, Harry Tucker, on Sunday, March 4 at 8:30 pm EST, for a discussion on gratitude. Find...

Gratitude: Accepting Ourselves for the Beautiful People We Are

As far as understanding ourselves is concerned, many of us need to work harder at accepting ourselves for the beautiful people that we are. It...

Gratitude: Becoming Grateful Enough to Miss the Negative

Most of us live in a part of the world blessed with abundance on every level – food, water, shelter, life's frills, employment opportunities,...
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Gratitude Comes Through Service

Part 5 in our series on gratitude: The I in gratitude represents involvement in our community. Involvement shows that we are grateful for what...
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Live As If You Only Had a Month: Gratitude Part 4

In our continuing series, GNN-i looks at Gratitude and how it is essential for creating the life you want. Harry Tucker uses the letters...

Cultivating an Attitude of Gratitude: Living Responsibly

(Editor's Note) Happy Thanksgiving to all our American readers. In that spirit comes the second article in a series about cultivating an Attitude of...

An Attitude of Gratitude and the Mechanic who Saved My Day

From a young age, we are taught (forced) to say please, thank you and you’re welcome whenever the opportunity presents itself because it is...

Poland Once Gave America a Birthday Card That Was Signed By 5.5 Million Polish People

The Library of Congress published a 111 volume birthday card that was given to America in 1926 – and all of the pages are breathtaking.

Mom Rains Praise On Airplane Passenger for Showing Compassion Towards Her Autistic Son Flying Solo

Alexa Bjornson was concerned for how her son would handle his first solo airplane ride – but her worries were quickly put to rest thanks to Ben Pedraza.

Watch Chick-Fil-A Worker Jump Out of Drive Thru Window to Free Choking Boy From Tangled Seatbelt

A young Chick-Fil-A employee managed to use his pocketknife to free a choking boy who had gotten tangled in his seatbelt.

Pink Floyd’s David Gilmour Auctions Off 126 Guitars and Raises $21 Million for Climate Change Battle

After raising over $21 million through the auctioneer's block, the Pink Floyd guitarist is donating all of it to an environmental charity.

An Incredible Bonus I Just Discovered: Fasting is as Nourishing for the Soul as It Is Healthy for the Body

This thought-provoking look at fasting from GNN's own Anthony Samadani will make you want to start your own intermittent fast to feel the benefits to mind, body and soul.

If You’ve Ever Taken a Picture That Embodies Kindness, Then It Could Win You Some Cash in This Photo Contest

Photographers from all over the world are being asked to submit pictures that embody kindness and compassion – and the entries from last year are gorgeous.

Teen Praised for Going ‘Above and Beyond’ to Help Little Girl With Autism Experiencing Sensory Overload

A young shoe store employee is being praised for his patience and compassion after he helped a distraught customer and her daughter who has autism.

Barbershop Rallied to Pay It Forward By Helping to Pay Off Debts of High Schoolers So They Could Graduate

After a billionaire commencement speaker announced that he would be paying off the student debt of an entire class of college graduates, this barbershop...

Nine Years After Mother’s Death, Man Has Amazing Encounter With Yellow Butterfly Right When He Needed It

This college student was going through a troubling time in school when he was suddenly visited by a special little insect on Mother's Day.