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When Football Fans Destroy Young Man’s Car, Community Immediately Rallies to Restore It

A young man's car fell victim to some rowdy football fans earlier this week, but in the spirit of good sportsmanship, fellow fans and...

Good News in History, September 9

On this day 25 years ago, the Palestine Liberation Organization agreed to recognize Israel's right to exist, and Israel returns mutual recognition for the...

Anonymous Woman Just Gave $100 to Every Teacher in Her District So They Could Buy School Supplies

The woman said that she wanted to thank the teachers for their hard work and show them that someone had their back for the school year ahead.

Hemp Farming Bill Hits US Senate Next Week With Powerful Bipartisan Support

The bill, which will be introduced next week, would move to distinguish the difference between marijuana and hemp so that it could be legally farmed as an agricultural product.

When Old Dog Won’t Play With Anything But Discontinued Toy, PetSmart Folks Don’t Give Up

Even if it was the same shape and fabric, Jaxon would refuse to play with any toy that was not his green dragon plushie.

When Kitten is Frozen to Boat Dock For 11 Hours, Sheriff Knows Exactly What to Do

Freezing temperatures caused a small kitten to stick to a Kentucky boat dock – luckily, Police Sheriff Ernie Kelty knew exactly how to free it.

People Can Pay Their Parking Fines With Cans of Food for the Hungry

Expired parking meters are helping feed the hungry in Kentucky. For the second year in a row, people in Lexington can pay their parking fines...

Muslim Father Forgives Man Involved With Son’s Murder, Hugs Him in Court

It can be hard to forgive someone who has wronged you, especially when they may have had a hand in the loss of a son. But that's exactly what Jitmoud did.

Matthew McConaughey Surprises Strangers Handing Out 4,500 Thanksgiving Turkeys on His 48th Birthday

Some people want to celebrate their birthdays with a big party that’s all about them. But for Matthew McConaughey, that was the last thing on...

Abandoned Dog With 6-Pound Tumor Gets Second Chance at Life

Clyde the dog has spent half of this live dragging around a massive tumor on his chest – but now, thanks to a dedicated...

College Girl Gives Up Free Time to Show Special Needs Kids That They Can Dance

Watch what happens when you give these kids a chance to bust a move.

Veterans Build a Bridge For Family Who Carries Wheelchair-Bound Mom Through the Woods

These two veterans weren't about to let a local widow struggle through the woods with her wheelchair-bound mother every day – so they took...

Pit Bull Elected as Town Mayor in Landslide Election

Now THIS is the kind of election that we can get behind. A 3-year-old pit bull named Brynneth Pawltro has just been elected as the...

Girl Drives 400 Miles to Reunite Dog With His Mom For Mother’s Day (WATCH)

It's been three years since Paige Moomey adopted her beloved son: Waylon the sheepdog. But as Mother's Day approached, she decided she was going...

Hairstylist Pays Tribute to Exhausted Nurse Who Fell Asleep in Chair

Doctors often get all the credit for their labors in the medical field – but one compassionate hairstylist wanted to pay homage to the hardworking nurse who fell...

Airline Delights Thousands of Stranded Passengers with Free Pizza

When these Delta passengers couldn’t make their flight, the airline instead decided to treat everyone to a bite. Thunderstorms and tornado warnings caused almost 3,000 flights...

Treatment Has Saved 77% of Cancer Patients Needing Amputations

Patients with a form of advanced malignant cancer in their arms or legs have typically faced amputation of the afflicted limb as the only treatment option. However,...

Santa Train Delivers Free Toys, Clothing to Thousands of Appalachian Families (WATCH)

Thousands of families in Kentucky, Tennessee, and Virginia were visited jolly ol' Saint Nick and a train full of holiday gifts.

Sneaky Raccoon Steals Man’s Phone, Films The Whole Escapade (WATCH)

This wily critter wasn't interested in acorns or bugs – he had his eyes on Guy William's cell phone, which he used to film his getaway.

“The Most Amazing Thing” is Happening to Officers, As Strangers Stop to Pray

Three separate incidents of strangers praying with police officers in Mississippi, Kentucky, and Georgia are reminding people that Americans—black and white—are coming together in...