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Ireland Will Finally Get Its Own Ice Hockey Rink, Thanks to a VERY Famous Canadian

Devoted Irish hockey teams will soon have a place to skate thanks to a very famous Canadian — a hockey fan on the other side of the pond.

Pret a Manger is Opening Homeless Hostel That Will Provide Jobs and Housing to City’s Rough Sleepers

The international café chain is investing thousands of dollars in maintaining a new hostel that will specifically benefit the city's homeless.

Restaurante Dirigido por Refugiados fue Calificado como el “Lugar Más Agradable de Estados Unidos” Ahora está Alimentando También a Trabajadores Sin Licencia.

Este restaurante manejado por refugiados fue votado como el lugar más agradable de Estados Unidos el año pasado, y su iniciativa más reciente fue...

Good Samaritans Pay for Hotel Rooms to House 70 Homeless People During Polar Vortex

Amidst historically frigid city temperatures, a hero picked up the tab for 70 homeless people to stay in a hotel.

You Can Help Homeless People Get to Midwestern Warming Centers by Using These Free Lyft Coupon Codes

If you want to help people find shelter during Winter Storm Jayden, the ride-sharing app is offering free rides to warming centers until Friday.

Instead of Canceling Flights, Canadian Couple Spends Vacation Helping California Wildfire Victims

Not only did they fly to California for their trip, they also spent all of their vacation money on helping the wildfire victims.

The Ozone Hole is Healing and May Be Completely Repaired Within Our Lifetimes, Says UN Report

This new United Nations report illustrates just what humanity can accomplishment if it works together to save its home planet.

Study to Test Cannabis in Head-to-Head Trial with Fentanyl to Find Alternative for Severe Pain

As a means of addressing the opioid crisis, this clinical trial will be the first to compare cannabinoids to fentanyl for breakthrough pain relief.

Free Services Transformed This Library into a Hub For Healing Life’s Major Problems

From helping to expunge a mother's legal record to helping an older man learn how to read so he can pay his bills on time – this library is making a big difference in the lives of its visitors.

Doctors Turn Down Pay Raise So Their Fellow Health Care Workers Can Get a Raise Instead

Over 250 doctors and physicians rejected a proposed pay raise so they could pass the funds towards hardworking nurses and clerks instead.

Cop Surprised – and Delighted – When He Finds the Car He is About to Ticket is Made of Snow

We've all seen some ‘cool’ cars in our day, but this is ridiculous. Last week, Montréal-based artist and prankster Simon Laprise decided to confound his...

Barber Lies Down on Floor to Cut Hair of 6-Year-Old Boy With Autism

Determined to get the job done, Mr. Jacob follows him around the salon with his tools—and kindness— so he can finish the cut.

Homeless Men Find Peace Through Urban Beekeeping

Homeless men are finding peace and purpose through their care of local beehives in Montreal. Accueil Bonneau, a shelter and homeless care center based out of the...

This Nurse Makes Superhero Capes For Intensive Care Babies

Babies in the neonatal intensive care unit may not look like stereotypical comic book superheroes, but they do to this nurse. Stephanie Treherne of the Jewish General...

150 Refugees Finally Given Dental Work – For Free

Many of these refugees haven't been able to see a dentist since they got to Canada – but thanks to local volunteers, their smiles have never been brighter.

Erasing Hate: He Found His Purpose by Wiping Out Hateful Graffiti in His City

This Canadian has dedicated his life to cleaning up hateful and racist graffiti anywhere it pops up in his city—and now “Erasing Hate” has become a movement. Corey Fleischer first experience the...

Tribute: Leonard Cohen the Smoky Prince of Prose and Poetry (1934-2016)

Beloved sultry singer Leonard Cohen – after a 50 year career of music and poetry – passed away peacefully last night at the age of 82.

170 Nations Celebrate A Pledge to Eliminate Super Harmful Greenhouse Gas

Countries big, small, wealthy, and poor have just signed an agreement that could save the planet from 70 billion tons of carbon dioxide.

Orchestra Replaces Violin For Talented Homeless Man After His Was Stolen (WATCH)

When a thief stole a homeless man’s violin in Canada, a symphony of sympathy led to an orchestra replacing the beloved instrument. Mark Landry woke...

Meet Crusoe the Celebrity Dachshund Hockey Champ (WATCH)

If you're a hockey fan, or a dog fan, or even an arts and crafts fan, you should check out this little wiener dog taking over Instagram.