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Solar-powered landfill with geomembrane

From Gross to Green: Toxic Dump Will Become Solar Farm in San Fran

Local and federal officials announced plans to build a solar farm at a San Francisco area garbage dump to “serve as a model for...

Tesla Unveils Insanely Efficient Battery That Can Power Your House

Electric car maker Tesla Motors has rolled out a new battery for homes and businesses that they say could end electric bills while creating...
santana reunion with marcus malone

Carlos Santana Helps Ex-Bandmate Who was Found Homeless

A San Francisco reporter spoke with a homeless man in early December who was rummaging for valuables in Oakland. The man, who identified himself as...
Haunted House - NBC video snapshot

Homeowner Erects Halloween Haunted House, Invites Thousands

Bob Schiro's Halloween displays are legendary in San Jose. His goal is to foster neighborliness, but, it's grown bigger than that. Over the past decade...

New Yorkers Answer Letters to Santa

The United States Postal Service has kicked off its annual "Letters to Santa", inviting people to respond to a child's letter to Santa...

This New Hyperloop Pod is Set to Whisk Passengers Between Cities at 760mph

We are now one step closer to being able to take ground transportation from Los Angeles to San Francisco in less than thirty minutes.

Historic Pacific Cleanup Vessel Has Been Successful With Trials at Sea And Will Soon Hit the Patch

Following the deployment from San Francisco, the Ocean Cleanup is showing success during its final testing before taking on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

This Guy Has Fed Dogs of the City’s Homeless for 5 Years; Now He Has Bigger Plans

Paul Crowell has been a guardian angel to the homeless dogs of San Francisco for the last five years – and now, he wants to do more.

Stray Dog Goes From Living on the Streets to Breaking Record for Airport Security

Skipper was originally rescued off the cold streets of Northern Michigan – but now, he is one of the best working dogs in San Francisco.

Hotel Concierge Sends Puppy Via Room Service, if You Want to Snuggle

When you stay at the Hotel Nikko in San Francisco, you can ask to hang out with their adorable “Chief Canine Officer” named Buster.

Man Single-handedly Repopulated Butterfly Species in a City Using His Backyard

These pipevine swallowtail butterflies had completely vanished in San Francisco – but thanks to this DIY breeder, the species is back.

Carbon Emissions From 30 of the World’s Largest Cities Are Already Dropping Since Signing Climate Pact

Not only have dozens of the world's most influential cities curbed their CO2 emissions, they have also passed legislation on plastic and free transit.

Good News in History, October 7

Happy 88th Birthday to Desmond Tutu, the archbishop of Cape Town who received the 1984 Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts in South Africa...

Good News in History Sept 26

50 years ago today, The Beatles released Abbey Road, the album containing the last songs the four ever recorded together. With hits like Come...

Good News in History Sept. 20

500 years ago today, the Portuguese explorer Ferdinand Magellan set sail on the Atlantic from Sanlúcar de Barrameda, Spain—an expedition that circumnavigated the globe...

California Becomes First State to Ban Fur Trapping, Saving Animals and Taxpayer Dollars

In addition to legislators agreeing that fur trapping was thoroughly inhumane, the industry was also shown to be a drain on taxpayer dollars.

More Than $21 Million Awarded to World’s Most Trailblazing Scientists to Further Their Research

More than $21.6 million has been awarded to the world's most trailblazing scientists for this year's Breakthrough Prizes.

Good News in History, August 29

Happy 60th Birthday to astronaut Chris Hadfield, the Canadian Air Force Commander who became the first Canadian to ever walk in space or command...

Good News in History, August 23

30 years ago today, the non-violent Singing Revolution for Baltic independence reached a peak when Latvians, Estonians, and Lithuanians joined hands to form a...

Tree-Filled City Parks Make People as Happy as Christmas Day, Says New Study of Twitter Posts

This first-of-its-kind study used people's tweets to track their moods after visiting public parks—and they found that trees make us as happy as Christmas.