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Good News in History, September 10

30 years ago today, Hungary informed the Soviet Union that it had opened its borders to allow the thousands of dissatisfied East Germans that...

Good News in History, August 27

90 years ago today, the Kellogg-Briand Pact (or Pact of Paris, named for where it was signed) was agreed to by 60 countries as...

These Sustainable Fireproof, Weather-Proof Domes Provide Revolutionary Housing Solutions

Not only are the sustainable Geoship dome homes resistant to natural disasters, they are easily disassembled and relatively cheap to manufacture.

Good News in History, August 17

60 years ago today, the American jazz trumpeter Miles Davis released Kind of Blue, the highly influential best-selling jazz record of all time. Regarded...

New Research Says That Art Therapy Reduces Stress-Related Headaches By Up to 40% for Teenage Girls

Researchers were surprised to discover that art therapy reduced the amount of headaches that teenage girls experienced from school-related stress.

The Only Way for 4-Year-old to Get Surgery 3,000 Miles Away Was Fully-Equipped RV—And Strangers Sprung for It

When a 4-year-old with fatal heart defects needed to travel 3,000 for new miracle surgery, RV owners at Outdoorsy paid for the entire package.

Good News in History, July 15

220 years ago today, the ancient Rosetta Stone was found in the Egyptian village of Rosetta. The rock slab became the key to deciphering...

La Cadena de Tiendas Más Grande De Estados Unidos Dice Adiós a las Bolsas de Plástico de un Sólo Uso

Kroger, la cadena de supermercados más grande de los Estados Unidos, acaba de anunciar que va a reemplazar gradualmente todo sus bolsas de plástico...

Good News in History, June 30

155 years ago, Yosemite Valley was granted to the state of California for “public use, resort and recreation” by a decree signed by President...

As First US State Approves Human Composting, ’The Green Reaper‘ Has Your Guide to Eco-Friendly Burials

The United States is slowly progressing towards more eco-friendly mortuary practices – and Elizabeth Fournier has a guide for how we can join the movement.

First-of-its-Kind National Theater Festival for Veterans Using Drama to Find Emotional Resilience

A nonprofit theater organization that pairs the works of Shakespeare with military veterans struggling to find relief, is proud to announce the first-ever National...

Judge Sentences Teen Vandals to Reading Books About Racism – and It Apparently Worked

Rather than punishing a group of juveniles for a racist act of vandalism, this compassionate judge wanted them to understand the error of their...

Rather Than Close Their Doors, South Korean School Fills Classrooms With Illiterate Older Women

With national birth rates continuing to fall, one South Korean elementary school has come up with a clever way to keep their doors open...

Stray Pup in Nepal Follows Mountain Climbers to The Top in Amazing Feat – Maybe The World Record for a Dog

A tenacious stray dog may have just set a world record for the highest elevation ever reached by a canine – and it also resulted in a loving new home.

Good News in History, March 16

Happy 65th Birthday to Nancy Wilson, guitarist and vocalist from the band Heart. Alongside her older sister Ann, the Seattle natives starred in the...

5-Year-old Girl is Now Cancer-Free Thanks to a Routine Dental Checkup 18 Months Ago

If Hunter Rose had not gotten the early treatment that she needed for her stage four neuroblastoma, she may not have survived the aggressive cancer.

Enduring More Than 36 Hours Aboard a Stranded Train, Passengers Praised Each Other for Their Unity

Though there was obvious distress amongst the passengers aboard the stranded Amtrak train, there was also plenty of kindness as well.

Good News in History, February 20

11 years ago on this day, an old Rolling Stones album bought for £2 at a garage sale sold for £4,000 at auction because...

New ‘Trojan Horse’ Cancer Drug Successfully Treats Patients With 6 Different Kinds of Lethal Tumors

A brand new type of cancer drug that acts as a “Trojan horse” to get inside tumor cells has shown promise in patients with...

Veterano Que Se Le Dio 4 Meses De Vida Transforma Arroyo Contaminado – y Vive 27 Años Más Debido a Éso

A pesar de que John Beal logró llegar a casa con su familia después de la guerra de Vietnam, él aún estaba en una...