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Beautiful Music Video Made by Strangers Across the Globe Shows How Technology Can Be Used For Good In The World

Earlier this year, I was honored to deliver the closing talk at Italy’s largest TEDx event. My goal was to show that when used...

Man Has Spent Years Giving Antique Brooches to Strangers Who ‘Look Like They Need a Sparkle’

This 71-year-old man has made an unusual nickname for himself out of his favorite weekend past time: giving away brooches to strangers. Myron Boyer, also...

Strangers Write 125,000 Loving Letters to Breast Cancer Patients – How You Can Join Their Mission

It takes very little effort to write a letter of encouragement to someone who many need it – which is why this charity is asking you to write one too.

Sweet Senior Has Given Away 6,000 Chocolate Bars to Strangers in Decade-Long Act of Kindness

This 93-year-old is nicknamed “The Candy Man” because he has spent the last 11 years giving away chocolate bars to strangers.

98-Year-old Walking 6 Miles to His Wife’s Bedside Every Day Inspires Strangers to Donate Thousands

This 98-year-old man is not about to let age or exhaustion keep him from being with his wife. Luther Younger has been married to Waverlee...

Employee Lets Autistic Teen Stock the Shelves; Video Goes Viral and Strangers Give Him $120K

A young man's kind gesture towards a teen with autism has prompted an outpouring of adoration and support for both of them.

When Strangers on a Plane Hear Teacher Talk About Her Students, Everyone Opens Their Wallets

LISTEN to this story here, as told by The Good News Guru, from Friday’s radio broadcast with Ellen K and the GNN founder, on KOST-103.5 — Or, READ the story...

When Strangers on a Plane Overhear Teacher Talk About Her Students, Everyone Opens Their Wallets (Podcast)

A young teacher's love for her students at 40,000 feet was so tangible that fellow passengers started giving her wads of cash to ‘do...

Watch Strangers Encourage a Dog to Get a Big Stick Through a Little Fence

When Lupe the dog persistently tried to get her beloved tree branch through a small gateway, this random family was sure to cheer her on.

Strangers Undertake Search and Rescue Mission to Find a Boy’s Lost Ski, 3 Months Later

An 8 year old boy saved up all his hard earned cash and bought the skis he always wanted. During a trip down a Targhee...

Mayor Has Invited More Than 100 Strangers to His House So He Can Cook Them Dinner

This Minnesota town might be the kindest place around – and it is probably best exemplified by the mayor and his home-cooked meals.

When Dog is Found 2,000 Miles Away From Home, 20 Different Strangers Bring Him Back

No one knows how Jake the dog got so far away from home – but this group of strangers was determined to help him get back.

How Two Strangers Connected After She Sacrificed Her Jacket for Runner in Boston Marathon

For the last 20 years, Renee Bercury's yellow raincoat has been her constant companion throughout every adventure – but when she saw a runner...

When Wedding Invitation Arrives at the Wrong Address, Strangers Return It With Sweet Surprise Inside

Cassie Warren has been so busy planning her wedding, she accidentally sent an invitation to the wrong address. Then the recipients ended up sending it back with a surprise inside.

Strangers Rally Around 13-Year-old Whose Rock Museum Was Robbed

Strangers from all over the world were so impressed with Judah Tyreman and his museum, they did not hesitate to lend a hand when the facility was robbed last week.

Instead of Wanting Birthday Gifts, Ice Cream Man Celebrates by Spending Hundreds on Giving to Strangers

While most people spend their birthdays receiving gifts, this ice cream man chose to celebrate his special day by giving to others instead.

Strangers Get New Hearts on the Same Day, Fall in Love After Families Met in Waiting Room

These two lovebirds will be getting married soon – and it's all thanks to the fact that they both ended up in the same hospital with faulty hearts.

Woman Needed to Thank Two Strangers Who Talked on a Train – Her Note is Shared by Thousands

Hannah Thornton is used to being around seniors suffering from loneliness – so when she overheard two strangers befriend each other on the train,...

An Amazing Story of Synchronicity as Heirloom Ring is Found by Strangers in Time for Marriage Proposal

For three years, Nico Bellamy had been secretly holding onto an engagement ring that belonged to his girlfriend’s late grandmother. With the precious family...
Caitie Schlisserman and Nico Bellamy

Amazing Synchronicity as Heirloom Ring is Found by Strangers in Time for Marriage Proposal (Good News Guru Radio)

What if, for years, you‘d been secretly holding onto an engagement ring that belonged to your girlfriend’s late grandmother, and you lose it? Hear how fate stepped in to save this guy on Good News Guru.