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After Decades of Research, Mexican Scientist Successfully Eliminates HPV From Dozens of Her Patients

After 20 years of research, a team of scientists from Mexico has succeeded in curing 29 patients of HPV. Human papillomavirus is a sexually-transmitted disease...

New ‘Trojan Horse’ Cancer Drug Successfully Treats Patients With 6 Different Kinds of Lethal Tumors

A brand new type of cancer drug that acts as a “Trojan horse” to get inside tumor cells has shown promise in patients with...

For Some Women Enduring Repeated Miscarriages, Simple Surgical Solution Has 90% Success

This simple surgical procedure is ensuring that fewer and fewer mothers will have to endure the heartbreak of repeated miscarriages.

After Wildly Successful Crowdfunding, You Can Now Order Bike Helmets That Look Like Regular Hats

Created by SpaceX engineers, these stylish hats are three times more durable than typical helmets – and far more portable.

Iguanas Successfully Reintroduced to Galapagos Island After They Were Last Seen By Darwin 184 Years Ago

It has been almost 200 years since land iguanas were seen on this region of the Galapagos Islands – but thanks to an intensive...

Woman Publishes 365 Love Letters to Her Peers – and She Hopes The Success Will Inspire Others to Follow

This woman successfully published 365 letters of love to different people throughout 2018 – and she says that the results have been hugely beneficial.

Surgeons Successfully Implant World’s First 3D-Printed Rib – and They Plan On Doing Even More in the Future

In a world first, surgeons successfully implanted a 3D-printed rib into a hospital patient. The procedure, which was recently performed at Tokuda Hospital in Bulgaria,...

IQ vs. Willpower: One is a Much Better Predictor of Success

Studies show that willpower is a much better predictor for success than IQ – and it is a skill that is 100% teachable to everyone, rather than book smarts.

Back Pain May Soon Be a Thing of the Past After Scientists Successfully Implant Lab-Grown Spinal Discs

For the first time ever, scientists have successfully implanted spinal discs grown from stem cells – and their research had exciting results.

Watch NASA Scientists’ Emotional Reaction to Successfully Landing Robot on Surface of Mars

The researchers had to orchestrate their robot's landing sequence after it hit the Martian atmosphere going 12,300 miles per hour – and they succeeded.

Bruno Mars Celebrates His Musical Success by Donating 24,000 Thanksgiving Meals to Needy Families

The musical superstar wants to celebrate the end of his tour by sharing some holiday cheer with families in need.

Woman’s 2016 Facebook Post Leads to Michigan’s Successful Strike Down of Gerrymandering

Despite being a political amateur, this woman's Facebook post led to a successful statewide campaign to strike down gerrymandering.

Historic Pacific Cleanup Vessel Has Been Successful With Trials at Sea And Will Soon Hit the Patch

Following the deployment from San Francisco, the Ocean Cleanup is showing success during its final testing before taking on the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

U.S. Marines Rush in to Save Seniors Stuck in Burning Building, All 190 Residents Are Successfully Rescued

The soldiers were not ordered to help in the rescue effort – they simply jumped into action.

Fearless Great-Grandfather Successfully Fights Off Three Assailants Trying to Rob a Bookie

This spry 84-year-old was not to be intimidated by three crooks barging into the bookies earlier this week.

Lab-Grown Lungs Successfully Transplanted into Living Animals Without Any Complications

With proper funding, the team believes they could be growing lungs for transplant patients much sooner than expected.

Work Less, Accomplish More: New Zealand Firm’s 4-Day Work Week an ‘Unmitigated Success’

Based on metrics that were utilized by outside researchers, this company's 4-day work week was an “unmitigated success”.

There Are Many Paths to Success, But These Famous People All Took ‘The Third Door’

Alex Banayan has interviewed everyone from Maya Angelou to Bill Gates – and he believes that they all found success because they took “the third door” that was posed to them.

In Latest Breakthrough, Scientists Successfully Regrow Brain Tissue That Was Damaged by a Stroke

The results of the research showed success in stroke treatment that “had not been seen before.”

Tesla’s Giant Record-Breaking Battery Shows Stunning Success By Saving Consumers Millions

In just four months, Tesla's record-breaking lithium ion battery has proven to be a faster, cheaper, and environmentally-friendly backup for the South Australian grid.